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Russell is paradise!

I am very sorry I have not posted anything in over two weeks. However, it would have done no good whatsoever. Most of my thoughts were exceedingly negative, and it would have been toxic for me to put those thoughts into writing, although I made some serious mistakes by broadcasting those over social media.

In past years, I would be at Cessna Stadium on the Wichita State campus, covering the second day of the Kansas State High School Activities Association state track and field meet.

I’m not there this year. And like John Waite once sang, I ain’t missing you.

As stressful as my life has been this month, not having to cover state track and field has kept my stress level from totally breaking me and driving me over the edge.

I was happier than a pig in slop when I found out yesterday the afternoon session had to be postponed due to heavy rain and lightning.

Because of the weather, today’s events began at 7 a.m., one hour earlier than usual, and a ton of field events had to be moved from Friday to Saturday.

Preliminary heats in everything except the high hurdles in Classes 1A, 2A and 3A were called off. Now, those events are two heats of finals against time.

Most field events are now four attempts with no finals. Usually, it’s three attempts for all 16 competitors, then the top nine move into the finals with three more attempts each.

The only regret I have not being in Wichita is not seeing Caitlyn Cox compete. She’s going in the 4×100 relay and 200-meter dash. As for the rest? No. I’m good. At least as good as I can be.

The only other piece of good news is my psoriasis is close to clearing up. Thank you, Dr. Custer.

I’m considering a drive to Salina to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ve been stuck in Russell and Hays all week due to the severe weather. The weather is supposed to be fine today, so maybe it’s time to get out.

Out of hibernation (again)

Geez, going over a week without posting? What is into me?

Most of it hasn’t really been worth posting about. There have been a couple of good days at Buffalo Wild Wings, but there have been some bad ones, too, especially a very bad Mother’s Day.

I got up earlier than usual for a Friday today. I drove from the Northland of Kansas City all the way to Overland Park to get my Chevrolet serviced at McCarthy-Morse. I should be here for another hour or two. I’m planning on going back to Zona Rosa, and hopefully I’ll be at Buffalo Wild Wings in time to see my trivia buddy Larry, who usually plays on Fridays at lunch.

I left my phone in my car. Nice. Lucky I have my computer. Not that I’m expecting any important phone calls. The only person of import who would need to get in touch with me is Elaine Mercer, and since I have my computer on, she can do it on Facebook.

Trivia-free…for awhile

What does an avid trivia player do when there’s no trivia to play? 

I’m learning that right now. 

The Buzztime network at Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa is completely down. No trivia, no poker. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. 

I’m sitting at the bar right now, watching the Royals get their butts whipped by the Nationals, but other than that, I’m bored. 

The trivia has been coming up on the screen, but I cannot access it, either on the tablet or the mobile app. The network is functioning fine at Minsky’s Pizza across Barry Road, as I was able to pick it up with the phone. 

Right now, I’m tempted to drive to another Buffalo Wild Wings. I can go to Liberty, a few miles east on Missouri Highway 152, or I could drive all the way down to Overland Park, where I’ve played before. 

OOPS, spoke too soon. Buzztime is back and working at my location. I don’t have to drive. WOOHOO! 

Too much chicken

My name is David, and I am addicted to chicken fingers. There, I said it.

I fulfilled that addiction yesterday by going to TWO chicken finger establishments less than 12 hours apart.

The first stop was Iowa Street in Lawrence, 11 blocks south of the University of Kansas campus.

Yesterday marked the grand opening of the first Raising Cane’s in Kansas. Fittingly, it was in the home city of the state’s largest college, since Raising Cane’s has opened in many college cities during its 20 years. Of course, it was conceived in Baton Rouge, home to LSU, and has since expanded to Norman (Oklahoma), Lincoln (Nebraska), Fayetteville (Arkansas), Fort Collins (Colorado State), Columbus (THE Ohio State), amongĀ other places.

I arrived at Raising Cane’s just before 9 a.m., one hour before opening. There were already 30 people in line. The first 20 received free Cane’s for one year. I had to settle for a t-shirt and a free meal on a future visit. As nice as the free year of food would have been, it would have been impractical, considering I live 200 miles away. Still, it’s nice to have a Cane’s closer than Grand Island.

The next Raising Cane’s in the region opens May 24 at Blue Springs, 12 miles east of the Truman Sports Complex. Maybe I wait there for the free year of food.

I was surprised at how fast I got out of Cane’s after it opened. By 10:25, I was on the Kansas Turnpike, headed to Kansas City for a long day of trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Robb and Dawn showed up just before 4:30 and stayed until 6:30. I was glad I came to see them. They’re always amazed by the useless information I provide them with.

Dana Stephenson was bartending for the first time, taking the shift which had been formerly occupied by Stephanie Suggs, whose last day was last Friday. I ate 12 wings there.

When I was at Buffalo Wild Wings, I got some distressing messages from someone. Someone I didn’t expect to receive such messages from.

When I left Buffalo Wild Wings and checked into the Courtyard on Tiffany Springs Parkway, I decided I needed Zaxby’s. I didn’t need it, I just wanted it. So I ordered online, drove the long way to Parallel Parkway in KCK, and got my food.

I paid the price just before 10 a.m. Eyes bigger than the stomach. yet again.

I’m done with Zaxby’s, at least for this time around. I am not fighting the crowds which will be invading the Legends for the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway Saturday night. I’m going to leave tomorrow evening and drive back to Russell. Maybe Cane’s is feasible.

Okay, I need to get ready. Sitting around this long without cleaning up is not productive.