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Summer doldrums

I have not had anything to write about since returning from Kansas City last Monday (June 13). I was so glad to get out of the hotel, because not only did the television reception go in and out on numerous occasions, but the FOX affiliate in Kansas City was not available.

Sadly, the hotel I stayed at in Overland Park chose DISH Network for its television service. I hate DISH Network. It is beyond awful. I’m not a big fan of Nex-Tech cable here in Russell, but anything is better than DISH. Anything.

DISH Network is currently locked in a major dispute with Tribune Broadcasting. DISH has opted to take all of Tribune’s local channels off of its service. One of the local stations affected happened to be the FOX affiliate in Kansas City, WDAF. Admittedly, the weekend I was in KC was not a big deal to be missing FOX, but had I been there this weekend, I could not have watched the U.S. Open or the Royals game on Saturday night.

If it were the NFL season, I would be far, far angrier. However, the television problems were a good reason to get the heck out of dodge when I did.

I have not done a blessed thing since getting back. It’s simply too hot. I’ve gone to Hays a few times, but each time, it’s been after 7 p.m. in order to avoid the hottest part of the day. I have to go back to Hays Thursday for my next appointment with Crista. Thankfully that will get over by 10, so it won’t be so bad.

My parents are out tonight. They went to the casino in Dodge City. They’ll be back tomorrow. Gave me a chance to do my laundry and wash all the dirty dishes. Unfortunately, one of my metal water bottles sprung a leak. Not a big deal. I’ve got plenty.

Cleveland won the NBA championship last night. YIPEEE. I could care less about the NBA. ┬áHaven’t cared in over 25 years about the NBA.

Las Vegas is getting an NHL team. Another prime example of Gary Bettman’s stupidity. Yes, Las Vegas is a great place for hockey. If Bettman had his way, he’d also have teams in Rio de Janeiro and Kinshasha.

What did Canada ever do to Bettman? It’s been proven time and again Canada could support 12 NHL teams. Yet there are only seven. What a joke.

Boredom in KC? YOU BET

I have reached the point where trips to Kansas City do not hold much intrigue anymore. I never dreamed I would say that three years ago, two years ago, or last year at this time, but yes, I’m to the point where going to Kansas City isn’t doing it for me.

I have not dared go near Zona Rosa this time, and I will not. I did enough damage last month the last time I was there, and I feel it’s best I take a break. I’m going to talk it over with Crista again when I see her June 23 before doing anything else. At the earliest. It might be after July 4, since I have another appointment with her July 7.

I was in the wrong on what happened last month. And if people are upset with me, I perfectly understand. I was wrong. I went up there June 2, but felt like it would do much more harm than good, so I didn’t go in.

If I want to play Buzztime that bad, I can drive to Wichita or Lawrence. Besides, I go to Topeka to do my grocery shopping, so it’s on the way to and from Lawrence, and there are things in Salina going to and from both places which I can’t get in Hays.

The mission of this trip to KC has been accomplished. I got new tires on my car, and the oil pressure sensor has been fixed. I have nothing more left. In fact, I did not go to any Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday. I went to the one in Overland Park north of I-435 Thursday and Friday, but right now, I’m still not quite warm to that place like I was to Zona Rosa, which is understandable.

I drove all the way to Blue Springs to go to Raising Cane’s, where they messed up my order badly. Too much cole slaw, which I absolutely loathe. I’m debating whether driving all the way back there today. I have nothing better to do, but is it worth it for that? I’m going through Lawrence tomorrow, and I can also go to Zaxby’s in KCK.

All I know it’s so freaking hot today. I hate to think how bad July and August might be. The plan is to go out only when needed. Then I’ll pack as much as I can and be ready to go early tomorrow.

Mr. Hockey goes to heaven

This year is not quite halfway over, and we have lost a number of notable people. The music industry lost David Bowie and Glenn Frey, among others, early in 2016, and now the sports world is taking it on the chin.

One week after Muhammad Ali finally succumbed to the debiliating effects of Parkinson’s Disesase, another sports icon from years gone by has left us.

Gordie Howe, better known as Mr. Hockey, died this morning at age 88. Howe had been in ill health for several years, and while there will be sadness over his passing, he’s in a much more peaceful place now.

Howe was The Great One long before Wayne Gretzky laced up his first pair of skates. He came into the NHL at age 19 in 1947 with the Detroit Red Wings, which was very hard to do in those days, since there were only six clubs in the league (the “Original Six”), and it would stay that way until the fall of 1967.

Gordie didn’t take long to make his mark, ledaing the NHL with 43 goals and 43 assists in the 1950-51 season, at a time when the NHL played 70 games in a season (compared to 82 now), and with only five other teams in the league, goalies and opposing coahes had much more time to devote to studying the opposition, so I’m certain the Candiens, Maple Leafs, Rangers, Bruins and Black Hawks all had their tactics in an attempt to stop Howe.

Those tactics mostly failed. By time he retired from the Red Wings in 1971, he had an all-time records in goals (786), assists (1,023) and points (1,809).

But Howe wasn’t through. He came out of retirement in 1973 to join the Houston Aeors of the World Hockey Association, and would come back to the NHL in 1979 with the Hartford Whalers, playing at age 51 alongside sons Marty and Mark.

(The Hartford Whalers are no more. They became the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997. F YOU, Peter Karmanos. Raleigh-Durham deserves a hockey team about as much as Hillary Clinton deserves to be President of the United States.)

Howe hung it up in the spring of 1980, adding 15 goals and 26 assists to his records, which were finally broken by Gretzky.

Unlike Gretzky, Howe did not need several enforcers to take care of his business. Anyone who crossed paths with Gordie would pay for it. There became a term for a game in which Howe recorded a goal, an assist and a fight: the Howe Hat Trick.

Howe’s passing will certainly receive more attention once the memorial service for Ali concludes today. Yes, I understand Ali was a cultural icon for his generation, but he was a BOXER. If this is how the media is covering a sproting icon, I can only imagine the slobbering which will go on when Obama passes away in 2058 or thereabouts.

A few graphs before bed

Another long period without posting. Then again, some of the things which have been happening recently have not been worth posting about. I learned that the hard way throughout May.

I’m trying to reform in June. I’m only eight days through. Every day is a tiny victory, a minute step forward. I just have to keep doing it. Tomorrow’s session with Crista will be important in that regard.

I’m about to go to bed. I went to bed at 10 p.m. Monday in order to do a home sleep study, and I found I had one of my best nights of sleep in a long time. It wasn’t nearly as good last night, but then again, I left the TV on too long. I’m going to turn the TV off tonight and set the alarm for 7 a.m.

The good news is I’m pretty much packed up for the trip east tomorrow afternoon. I’m spending the morning and early afternoon in Hays for appointments, first with Crista, then to Dr. Jones to get my eyes checked, then back to High Plains to see Dr. Patriarca. Finally on the road by 2:15.

I won’t arrive in Overland Park–I don’t have any plans to go into Missouri this time–until after 6, but that’s not a big deal, since I’m there Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too. Without much work to do, I’ll get to lounge around and spend plenty of time at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Cleveland looks like it will win Game 3 of the NBA Finals over Golden State. Pittsburgh can win the Stanley Cup tomorrow night. Oklahoma won the softball College World Series. The Royals lost again. That’s all for sports.