Monthly Archives: July 2016

Post that’s been long, long overdue

I’ve had a very bad July. Therefore, I found it prudent not to post.

Then again, I should have followed Crista’s advice and posted, but just not publicly. Maybe putting down my feelings in private would have been good therapy. Then again, if I had posted them privately, I would have found the urge to let them out publicly.

Starting the morning of July 9, I began to simply fire away on Facebook, taking on anyone and everyone. I just posted whatever I felt, whenever I felt, and many of the things I posted were not appropriate to say the least. Many contained vulgar language, and one went way too far.

That post ended up getting me blocked from Facebook on the evening of the 14th. It was supposed to be a 24-hour block, but I haven’t tried to log in to Facebook since. I wanted to take it until at least the 28th, when my next appointment with Crista was.

In between appointments with Crista, I saw Paul Karlin at High Plains on the 18th and 25th. I’ve seen Paul during the times when I can’t get an appointment with Crista. He said the same thing, to stay off as long as I could. He and I also came up with an idea to create a new account using an anonymous e-mail address where I don’t friend anyone, just follow pages I need to.

I’ve been able to keep in touch with Peggy and Caitlyn on Twitter via direct message. I also reconnected with Robb and Dawn Amos that way, too. Fortunately, the May storm has passed and I’ll go back to Kansas City in August.

To bide my time on the computer, I’ve been playing a lot of backgammon, cribbage and canasta. I still don’t get pinochle.

The good news? It’s August on Monday. The bad news? August had traditionally been a terrible month. Then again, it can’t get worse than August 2015.

Not dead

I’m still alive. I just have been too lazy to post. I wish I had more time right now, but I have to get to Hays. I promise more later.