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Wish it were better, but…

In case you’ve been visiting the blog and been disappointed there hasn’t been a post in a while, I apologize. But things have spiraled downward, and it was best I keep it to myself than explode.

My blood pressure is through the roof. I hope it is just too much consumption of caffeinated coffee. I got so scared a few hours ago that I pitched all of my open bags and cans of caffeinated coffee and started brewing decaf. Dr. Custer should be able to shed light on it when I see her in nine and a half hours. I pray it isn’t something more serious.

It has been brutally hot. BRUTALLY HOT. I hate having to go to Hays today in that heat, but what choice do I have? I can move the appointment with Dr. Custer, but not the one with Crista at 1600 (4 pm). If I cancel with Crista, I’m on an island until October 5, when my next appointment is scheduled. I will be so happy if and when that cold front comes through. Hopefully Friday.

I watched maybe two minutes of the Premier League last weekend. I slept through the Manchester City-Fulham match Saturday at 0630 (1230 British Summer Time), as well as all the 0900 (1500 BST) matches, including the one I was really looking forward to, Leicester at Bournemouth. Turned out to be exciting, with the Cherries winning 4-2.

I barely watched a few seconds of Everton-West Ham Sunday. Good to see West Ham on the board, especially at Goodison Park. Everton is on top of my Premier League dislike list. I won’t go into detail as to why.

The best thing to happen to me this week was sending Brenda flowers for her birthday, which was Sunday. She got them Monday at St. Joseph’s Academy. I was happily surprised to see a text from her today at noon. I miss her and a lot of other people in Baton Rouge.

Lost Saturday

Today was a bust. No English football, didn’t get any work done and didn’t go anywhere. Ugh.

Tomorrow is the first full slate of NFL games for the season. Not too interested. Just like I wasn’t interested in college football today.

My blood pressure is too high, just like my weight and debt.

That’s enough for now. It’s late anyway.

NFL opening night? I’ll pass

The 99th season of the National Football League began this evening with the Falcons-Eagles game in Philadelphia. Somehow I don’t think many people in the United Kingdom stayed up until 0130 (2030 Eastern/1930 Central) to watch.

I’m not watching either. I swore off football. I may check the scores, but I’m not going to watch the games. Waste of time and money. I watched a couple of Lifetime movies on my iPad tonight and I’m going to go to bed in a few minutes.

A new Nike commercial praising Colin Kaerpernick is debuting tonight. I have had it with seeing him on TV. He doesn’t play in the NFL anymore. I’m also sick of the protests and the talk about the protests. Players have the right to protest. That’s guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, they should not be protesting during work, and for them, a game is WORK. If NFL players want to spend Tuesdays, which is a day off for almost all players who have games the following Sunday, protesting, so be it. They should be able to. But meetings, practices and games are work and not a proper forum for protesting.

The late, great Ara Parseghian coached Notre Dame’s football team throughout United States involvement in the Vietnam War. Ara told his players they could do whatever they wanted when they did not have commitments to class and football. However, he told them they’d better study, go to class and be on time for football meetings and practice, or there would be consequences. That’s the way it should be everywhere.

I slept way too much today. The Seroquel didn’t cause me to sleep too much when I should have, but I was tired throughout the day. I’m going to try sleeping without it tonight. I need to go to Salina to get my hair cut because (a) I have time tomorrow and (b) it will get hot again next week. Also, I need more capicola. That stuff is addictive.

Saturday and Sunday will be perfect days to sleep late, since there is no football in England, or anywhere else in Europe.

No football? FREEDOM!

I am blissfully unaware of what is going on in the college football game being played this evening. I am happy.

To me, Ed Orgeron is a grossly overpaid man who supervises a bunch of 18 to 22-year old male children playing a stupid game at what is supposed to be Louisiana’s flagship institution of higher education, although maybe it isn’t such a great institution of higher learning, considering I earned a degree from that university despite my grossly inadequate performance in every course except three (Louisiana government and two on constitutional law) during my time there.

I don’t care how the children Orgeron supervises do in their stupid game. Tell me how Orgeron should be making 30 times the salary of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, who is paid $130,000.

Tell me how the head football coach of a state university in Alabama deserves his $11 million salary when Alabama still has many pockets of abject poverty and the state’s education system is ridiculed everywhere except Mississippi? You can’t.

Tell me how the head men’s basketball coach of a state university in Kansas deserves his $6 million salary when Kansas is broke, many legislators refuse to fund higher education adequately, and the man who may be the state’s next governor is threatening even further cuts? You can’t.

Tell me how the head women’s basketball coach at a state university in Connecticut deserves his $4 million salary, even if Connecticut doesn’t have as many people in poverty as Alabama or Kansas and the state’s education system is usually ranked pretty high? You can’t.

Notre Dame should not be paying its head football coach $10 million. But Notre Dame isĀ  a PRIVATE institution. The school is not getting a dime from the state of Indiana. If that were being paid to coaches at Purdue and/or IU, then that’s a huge problem.

I’m not enamored with the $10 million salaries a couple of NFL coaches are pulling in, but they are PROFESSIONAL football coaches. The owners of the teams can pay whatever they feel their coach is worth.

Four years ago, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings in Kansas City the first two Saturdays of the college football season, and again for four more Saturdays. I was there every Sunday for NFL games for each of the first six weeks.

WHY? Wasted time, wasted money. I was very happy I got to see Liz and Lisa (plus another employee of Buffalo Wild Wings at that time whom shall remain nameless), but come on. I could have put those days to much better use.

Now I’m seeing that. I’m not a slave to the television for 11 hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday.

By contrast, Premier League matches are over by 1330 on Saturday and 1200 on Sunday. Ten matches over three days (usually; this weekend was an exception, since there are no Monday matches) is a heck of a lot easier on the eyes and the brain than dozens of games on Saturday, then 12 more on Sunday and another on Monday.

I probably should follow the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga more. And possibly the three lower leagues in England.

I know what I will not be watching every Saturday for the next three months. Book it.

Hornets abuzz in England

So much for picking Watford to be relegated from the Premier League.

I was dead wrong about the Hornets. Dead wrong.

Wins over Brighton, Burnley and Crystal Palace were nice, yes, but it all figured to end today when Tottenham came to Vicarage Road.

Instead, the Hornets will go into the international break level on points with Liverpool and Chelsea and now must be considered to be the favorite from outside the Big Six to make it to Europe.

Watford bested Tottenham 2-1 despite being thoroughly outplayed in the first half and falling behind 1-0 in the second half following an own goal.

Instead of folding, the Hornets stung back, with Troy Deeney in the 69th minute and Craig Cathcart in the 76th putting the home team in front. Watford held on for the final 13 minutes plus stoppage time to go to 4-0-0 for the first time since 1988, when the Hornets were in the second division.

Watford’s #1 fan, Sir Elton John, was enjoying it immensely, as were most of those at Vicarage Road. Who would have dreamed it?

Elsewhere, Manchester United defeated Burnley 2-0 despite playing the last 19 minutes with 10 men after Marcus Rashford was shown a red card, and Arsenal bested Cardiff 3-2.

Time to update how I think the table will look on Mother’s Day. Remember, the bottom three are relegated to the Championship, the top four qualify for the UEFA Champions League, fifth and sixth for the UEFA Europa League group stage, and seventh for the Europa League qualifying rounds:

20. Cardiff
19. West Ham
18. Huddersfield
17. Newcastle
16. Burnley
15. Southampton
14. Crystal Palace
13. Brighton
12. Fulham
11. Bournemouth
10. Wolves
9. Leicster
8. Everton
7. Arsenal
6. Watford
5. Manchester United
4. Chelsea
3. Tottenham
2. Liverpool
1. Manchester City

Does LSU play tonight? Asking for someone out there. I don’t know and I don’t care.

Big name Sunday

Three of the “Big Six” play in the Premier League today, all on the road: Arsenal at Cardiff City, Manchester United at Burnley and Tottenham Hotspur at Watford. In the last matchup, both teams have nine points from their first three matches and are seeking to stay level on points with Liverpool and Chelsea.

Arsenal keeps Cardiff winless. Cardiff has played two goalless draws vs. Newcastle and Huddersfield, but the Gunners will break down the Bluebirds’ defense enough to move level with Everton and Leicester with six points.

Tottenham ends Watford’s early run and keeps itself well within title conversation. Now Spurs need to get their new stadium at White Hart Lane open.

Manchester United’s woes have been well documented. Burnley’s have not, but the Clarets also desperately need a win at Turf Moor. NEITHER team gets the victory it wants. Draw.

It’s still pouring outside. Russell has received quite a bit of rain since yesterday evening. Not that I have anywhere to be.

Freedom without American football

Manchester City leads Newcastle at the Etihad, but it isn’t the blowout I expected. The defending Premier League champions are up 2-1 after 69 minutes.

Liverpool and Chelsea each went to 12 points earlier today, which I expected.

The Reds bested Leicester City 2-1 in the East Midlands, with the Foxes pulling together a fine performance in the second half, although it wasn’t enough to offset the terrible defending which allowed Liverpool to tally twice in the first half.

Chelsea scored twice in the second half to dismiss Bournemouth 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. The Blues still have their kinks to work out under Mauricio Sarri, but a lot better to do it when you’re 100 percent through four matches than any alternative.

West Ham is stuck on zero points, losing 1-0 to Wolverhampton at London Stadium as the Wolves scored late in second half stoppage time. It is Wolverhampton’s first PL victory since the spring of 2012. All that spending and what has it gotten the Hammers? Not a darn thing. The Championship looms in East London.

The draw I predicted on the south coast came to pass, and it came to pass by the exact score I predicted: Brighton & Hove Albion 2, Fulham 2. The Cottagers had the match dead to rights with a 2-0 lead, but their defense is a sieve. The Seagulls certainly would have dropped all three points had it been most any other team, save maybe West Ham or Cardiff, but they came back strong to gain a point at home. Considering Brighton has tallied only 11 points in 21 away matches since going up, it had better get all the points it can at the AMEX Stadium.

The other draw so far today was Everton 1, Huddersfield 1 at Goodison. The Terriers played a 5-4-1, bunkering in and trying to keep the Toffees from doing much damage. It worked to give Huddersfield a critical point. Every point figures to be critical for Huddersfield, who will be in or near the drop zone all season. Everton, though, has to be kicking itself after blowing winnable games with Bournemouth and Huddersfield. Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea will not be so forgiving.

Southampton shocked me with a 2-0 victory at Crystal Palace. This has got to be depressing for Roy Hogsdon. Very depressing. Losing at home by the same score to Liverpool is completely understandable. Losing away to Watford is completely understandable. But this result is very bad. If Crystal goes down and/or Southampton stays up, remember this match.

It’s 1300 CDT (1900 BST), and I must say, it is beyond liberating not to be a slave to the boob tube watching college football. I am not controlled by kickoff times. I am not controlled by the game being tied with two minutes to play. I am free to do what I want. And I love it.