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Shot slightly off the mark

I consumed my first shot in my hotel room last night.

It tasted good. But I got an ingredient wrong.

I tried to make a B-52, which is Kahlua on the bottom, Irish creme in the middle, and orange liqueur on the top.

Kahlua? Check.

Irish creme? Check. Bailey’s pumpkin spice. I highly recommend it.

However, I got the last part wrong.

I had Patron orange liqueur instead of the recommended triple sec, which meant the layering didn’t work as well. The orange liqueur tasted fine, though, but it didn’t have the desired layering effect. I did make a second shot, though.

Oh well. The orange liqueur can go to use in my pop and coffee. Or maybe I try it with amaretto when I get back to Russell.

I’ve been guzzling iced coffee like it’s going out of style. This morning I had coffee and chicory with unsweetened almond and cashew milk. Dr. Custer would approve since the milk is sugar free and has only 25 calories per 1/4 liter (8 fluid ounces). I got enough sweetness by adding two packets of Sweet and Low.

I’m on my way to Liberty. I can look for alcohol in the grocery store since Missouri law is much less restrictive than Kansas. Louisiana is even less restrictive than Missouri; in fact, liquor stores are almost non-existent in my native state, since they are unnecessary.

But that’s what makes America great–it’s not a unitary state, but instead a federal republic of 50 individual states and several territories. It’s a great system. Still the best out there even if the political machinery is so broken and gummed up it can’t be fixed.