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Tuesday turbulence

Tuesday began with me leaving Buffalo Wild Wings after a few hours there and with the Cardinals still trailing the Chargers. That ended well, with Arizona completing the comeback and prevailing 18-17.

I did get a few hours of sleep and I got almost all of my work done before checking out of the Courtyard Briarcliff just before 11. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some wings since it was Wing Tuesday, when wings are 60 cents each. I got to see LIz one more time before going west, which was nice.

I got 30 wings to go, 15 medium and 15 hot. I like traditional buffalo flavored sauce, but I did order some of the Korean BBQ in the restaurant. The Korean BBQ is a limited time sauce, one of several Buffalo Wild Wings has rolled out in 2014. The three they had over the summer were all bad, but the ghost pepper was especially horrible. That one was THREE TIMES hotter than blazing, the hottest sauce normally on the menu. And the blazing is about 50 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper.

I thought I had all of my work done. Or so I thought.

Elaine Mercer, Frank’s wife, sent me a Facebook message just as I neared the eastern Manhattan exit (K-177) asking me about the last page for the Smith County Pioneer. I thought i had uploaded it to the FTP, but apparently not.

The good news was I wan’t that far away from Junction City, where there is a Starbucks. I was able to pull off 15 minutes later, sit down and have it all done in under 10 minutes. All was well.

I went to the first varsity volleyball match between Russell and Southeast of Saline tonight. The Trojans won 25-13, 25-15. I didn’t stay because (a) it was way, way too hot in that gym and (b) I was dead tired.

The lights are flickering. There is a severe thunderstorm very near Russell. Time to sign off for a little bit.

Manic Mondays are back

The Monday crunch is on for the first time this school year. I got Osborne done a few minutes ago, and now I’m printing out stuff in order to get Ellis, Phillipsburg, Plainville and Smith Center done by noon tomorrow. The good news is Plainville and Smith Center played each other in football last week, which means I need only one story there. Same with Thunder Ridge since I wrote it for Osborne too.

I don’t have to leave Kansas City so early. My volleyball match is at Russell High School at 5 p.m., meaning if I leave right at noon, I can still get back by 4:15, plenty of time for first serve.

The Baltimore Ravens cut shithead Ray Rice. Thank God. It was only way, way, way too late. That son of a bitch should never be employed by another football team again. The first team who does will earn my undying hatred, even if it is the Arizona Cardinals. Pardon my bad language, but Ray Rice is feces. Actually, that’s putting down feces.

The rest of yesterday went well at Buffalo Wild Wings. Dan and Pam, the very nice couple who usually sits at the bar playing trivia, sat next to me with their children, and all of them played. I shared some answers because I like them. I also gave them a $5 discount coupon.

I’ve got some more things to print out so I can write at Buffalo Wild Wings should I choose. I don’t think I’ll play much trivia, save for The Pulse at 7, since I have to defend my #1 standing from last week.

Sleep. Write. Sleep. Write.

I would not recommend what I did earlier today. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to use the bathroom, then I decided to hammer out most of the column I had to write for the newspapers this week. I went back to bed just before 5, and I did not fully wake up until 10. The good news was (a) most of the column was already done and (b) Mondays during the summer are nowhere near as hectic as they are during the school year, so I was in good shape.

During the school year, Monday is when the results from weekend athletic events pour into my e-mail. I wish I could have them on Saturday or Sunday to get a head start, but I have to take what I can get. Fortunately, now that the Russell County News is only once per week instead of twice, Mondays aren’t nearly as bad. Only one of the six papers, the Osborne¬†County Farmer, has a Monday deadline, and I can usually knock that out by noon. When I’m at home on Mondays, I’ll usually write for the four papers which are due Tuesday:¬†Ellis Review, Phillips County News, Plainville Times and Smith County Pioneer. If I’m in Kansas City, I get lazy and go to Buffalo Wild Wings, although if this happens during the year, I’m going to try to get work done and not leave the hotel until after 2:30.

France and Nigeria are scoreless at the World Cup through 68 minutes. It will be hard to top the two matches yesterday.