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Year 46 almost in the books

In less than 12 hours–tomorrow at 0916 Central Daylight Time–my 46th year of life will end.

The 46th year began in beautiful Denver. The night before, I ate Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time at the Buckhorn Exchange, one of Denver’s oldest and best-known restaurants. It’s just south of the Broncos’ and Rockies’ stadiums on Interstate 25.
The oysters–fried bull testicles–were delicious, and so was the elk I ate there as well. I got an order of oysters to go, but unfortunately, housekeeping at the Marriott Westminster threw them away. It was a not the best way to start the 46th year.
I drove to Boulder the day after my birthday. Gorgeous drive on US 36. The oysters I ate at a pub there were just as good.
I haven’t been back to Colorado since. I want to get back. Badly. I’m craving Rocky Mountain oysters just as much as real oysters. To satisfy my craving for the real ones, I’m going to have to get back to Louisiana. Soon.

My other travels during my 46th year took me to Des Moines a few times (and once for a side trip to the Quad Cities), to Omaha a few (not for the College World Series, but it’s the only place I can find PIbb Zero these days), to Kansas City more than I can count (no St. Louis since July 2021), and most importantly, back to northwest Arkansas for the first time since 2003.
Des Moines has the only Joe’s Crab Shack within 500 miles. Whataburger has expanded in Kansas City, and now some locations have mobile ordering. I splurged on Whataburger in Arkansas. Plus Fayetteville has the only Whole Foods I have seen with self checkout. Hopefully the new one being built in Overland Park will have it.

I lost a toe in June. I had a very nasty infection pop up on Memorial Day, and it oozed foul-smelling pus. It was grotesque. Amputation was the only solution.
The worst part was staying in the shitty Russell hospital overnight, being stuck with an a-hole who wouldn’t shut the f**k up, who hogged the TV, and worse, being on the side of the room with a window in the midst of a heat wave. If I had to stay more than one night, it would have gotten ugly.
Once I got out of the hospital, it was easy. I only had to go for IV antibiotics for six weeks, no more than two hours per day. I’ve been on oral antibiotics since August, and things are looking better.
Compare that to last year when I had two months of twice daily IVs, not to mention eight weeks of hyperbaric oxygen.
Honestly, if the toe had been removed last year when I had my first surgery, this probably could have been avoided. Better late than never.
I’m going to make it fine without the second toe on my right foot. Now the key is not to lose another.
I see Dr. Custer in a week. I’m glad I won’t have to show her something gross. I have shown Dr. Jones, but not Crista.

I saw Bill, Chris Blair and Dan Canevari in Arkansas in April, along with longtime Razorback athletic administrator Kevin Trainor and Bob Holt from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.. First time seeing Cano since my ill-fated brief time working at Southeastern Louisiana University. He’s forgiven me for the shit I caused him in Hammond. I felt bad about it for a long time.
I haven’t seen Peggy since last October. I haven’t seen Caitlyn since November 2019. I haven’t seen Brenda since April 2018. And there are some I haven’t seen in much longer.
I hope this changes during my 47th year.

Another thing I need to change in my 47th year: going long stretches without posting.
I need to discipline myself to post more often, even if it’s something short and pithy. It would probably help in other areas of my life.

The next time I post, I will officially be 46 years old. Time flies.

Good medicine without pills

The last 20 hours have been dedicated to trying to get me better, although I haven’t had to take any pills, other than the normal prescriptions.

I got a call yesterday morning at 9:30, telling me there was an opening to see the sleep therapists in Hays. My original appointment wasn’t until August 30, but last week, I was given an appointment for August 17 in Topeka.

Fortunately, there was a cancellation, so it saved me the waiting and the driving.

It was fortuitous, because after my appointment, I received an APAP (automatic positive airway pressure) machine to help me with my sleep apnea. Turns out the sleep study found severe apnea, and my oxygen saturation was down to a dangerously low 68%.

I used the APAP last night, but didn’t sleep very long. I got up at 3:25 to get my work done for the Russell newspaper.

Also, I have to leave in a few minutes. I have an appointment with Crista at 8 a.m.

My next appointment with her wasn’t scheduled until next Thursday, but while I was waiting for my APAP machine at U-Save pharmacy, I had a voicemail from High Plains Mental Health. As I was sitting in a recliner on the showroom floor, I was able to make an appointment for today.

I could have waited until getting home from Hays to get my writing done, but I figured get it done now, then I could relax before returning to Russell.

The real test of the APAP comes tonight, when I don’t have to set my alarm. I am thinking seriously about going to Kansas City this weekend. I have points to use for the hotel stays, and I can save on meals by using my Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin Rewards points.

Okay, it’s off to Hays once again.