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Team Brittany

My dear friend Brittany Davidson will be marrying her sweetheart Zack July 11 in St. Joseph.

Their dream honeymoon? It isn’t Aruba. It isn’t Cancun. It isn’t Waikiki Beach. It isn’t even Paris.

It’s Cincinnati.

As in home of the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star game.

Brittany is the biggest Kansas City Royals fan I know. It figures, since she has spent most of her life in western Missouri, either in St. Joseph at Central High or Missouri Western, or Kansas City.

She and Zack would love to be at Great American Ballpark July 14 for the All-Star Game, where it looks like at least six members of the starting lineups will be members of Ned Yost’s club.

Please follow this link to vote for Brittany and help send the happy couple to the Queen City!

Thank you!