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Sunday ticking away

Sunday has been pretty good, save for one minor slip up.

Lisa worked this morning from opening until 4, and she took care of me. Awesome as always. This time, I begged her to accept my tip, because I knew she was not feeling well and was having a tough day. She did so reluctantly, but was very very grateful. I was happy for that.

Alex came in later and got me my second salad of the day. Geez, two salads on the same day twice on this trip. What’s getting into me?

Liz was here tonight in the dining room. I’m really glad I’m getting to spend this much time with her. It’s been nice.

It got really fun tonight when Dan and Pam showed up. I sat with them at the bar for awhile and helped them play trivia. In fact, Pam scored 14,919 and finished first in the nation during the 8 p.m. Countdown, which is my proudest trivia moment, even more so than me scoring a perfect 15,000 on Countdown or my nine national first place finishes in The Pulse.

I’m going to wrap it up here shortly and go back to the Courtyard on Tiffany Springs. I have some writing to do and then get ready for tomorrow.

Much much better

The rain came back shortly after 6 p.m. and has not abated. The streets are slick, people are not slowing down, and it may be a very long night of accident reporting for the Kansas City Police Department. No fun.

It was all fun today at Buffalo Wild Wings. I finally did what Brittany and Lisa told me to do a long time ago and bought a journal at Staples.

I played trivia for six and a half hours straight. Pretty much dominated all those who challenged me. For the first time, I posted the #1 national score in SIX, the Wednesday and Thursday evening game which features six categories of questions over four rounds. My score of 61,136 is my second highest all-time, but it was not off by much. I posted 62,384 to finish #2 nationally last September at Buffalo Wild Wings in Derby, south of Wichita.

I got to see a lot of lovely faces today. The first was Alexandra Mullinax, who was wearing her glasses, which gave me pause to think it might be Lisa. But when she greeted me, I knew it was her. She took my order in the afternoon and she was awesome as always.

Alex told me she and Brittany had tickets to Monday’s Royals-Orioles playoff game. I was a little jealous, but not really. Not into fighting crowds like that.

Braidey Howe waited on me for the first time tonight. I’ve seen Braidey around here since last June, but this was the first time she’s taken my order, and I want to say one of the first times she’s worked in the bar area. She was exclusively a cashier and greeter from the time I first met her until this march, when she finally started serving.

One of the other ladies who used to be a frequent cashier, Jessica, was back tonight. That put a smile on my face.

Liz showed up unexpectedly. Made my week. She called me Tuesday evening after I got home from Smith Center, worried about me. I told her what went on Monday, and she told me I’ve got to stop being so hard on myself again.

Shannon Swanson was here too. Glad to see her. She really helped me after my incidents last week.

I made an unusual decision to eat salad for both my meals. Caesar early, garden late. Really good. I got some of the ahi tuna from Outback to eat in my room when I leave later.

J.J. Watt returned ANOTHER interception for a touchdown in the Colts-Texans game tonight. Houston is hanging in there, down 33-28 late in the third.

Tomorrow is a trip west to Brookville for Smith Center’s footbal game vs. Ell-Saline. The Redmen won 43-8 last year on the same field, and I don’t see any trouble tomorrow, although if L.T. Meitler and Brody Frieling can’t go, it might be tough to move the ball, because the Cardinals will stack the box against the run. Back to KC after the game, which will be about three hours (Brookville is 12 miles southwest of Salina). Buffalo Wild Wings is a possibility before or after, but if I don’t go, no big deal.