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Finally out and about

Once I pulled into the parking lot at the Overland Park Marriott just after 9:30 Friday night, the car sat there and sat there and sat there.

I did not leave room 1123 at all yesterday, except for the very short trip down the hall to the ice machine. Did not go down to the lobby. Nothing. Mostly slept and watched football. I was prepared for the situation with food I bought Friday.

Maybe I should not have watched the NFL playoffs. Both games produced outcomes I did not want.

I knew the Cardinals were screwed, but when they took the lead late in the second quarter at Carolina, it raised false hope. The Panthers dominated the second half and won 27-16. Arizona finished with 78 net yards, the lowest in a playoff game in NFL history.

The Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh 30-17. The Steelers were in a hole because they had to play without the AFC’s leading rusher, Le’Vion Bell, who had a hyperextended knee. Baltimore now gets to play at New England Saturday.

I was tired Friday evening and left at 8:30. I wish I would have stayed longer for Brittany and Lisa, and also for Alexandra Mullinax, since I hadn’t seen her in so long, but I decided I wanted to get back to the room and rest. I left Brittany a note on her car window since she was parked next to me. She loved it.

I was leery of going yesterday for two reasons.

FIrst, I figured it would be nuts the UFC had a fight card on pay-per-view. I’ve been here for more than a couple of those, and it gets stuffed to the gills worse than Charlie the Tuna. I really hated to stay away with Brittany ad Lisa working (although Liz had off to celebrate her birthday, and Tori had a da off at last, so I wasn’t alone in missing it).

Second, I knew the forecast called for snow, and the last thing I wanted to be is stuck five miles south of KCI facing the long drive to Overland Park, which is hectic enough on a perfect night. On a night with the roads snowpacked, it was going to be hell. The snow didn’t start until after midnight, but all in all, I made the right choice.

I thought about staying in today, too, but since I’m gong back to Russell Tuesday, I figured I had to get it in when I could. I should have scraped the front windshield more, but it was enough to get me to Zona Rosa in one piece.

The good news: I’ here. The bad news: the Buzztime network is down, so no trivia (or poker). Going to have to amuse myself with the apps on my phone and the Bengals-Colts playoff game

12:10 p.m. update: trivia is back online. Just ate the prime rib caesar salad at Buffalo Wild Wings. Tasty. Nice suggestion by Rue Jean-Klapproth, who’s serving me today.

Manic Mondays are back

The Monday crunch is on for the first time this school year. I got Osborne done a few minutes ago, and now I’m printing out stuff in order to get Ellis, Phillipsburg, Plainville and Smith Center done by noon tomorrow. The good news is Plainville and Smith Center played each other in football last week, which means I need only one story there. Same with Thunder Ridge since I wrote it for Osborne too.

I don’t have to leave Kansas City so early. My volleyball match is at Russell High School at 5 p.m., meaning if I leave right at noon, I can still get back by 4:15, plenty of time for first serve.

The Baltimore Ravens cut shithead Ray Rice. Thank God. It was only way, way, way too late. That son of a bitch should never be employed by another football team again. The first team who does will earn my undying hatred, even if it is the Arizona Cardinals. Pardon my bad language, but Ray Rice is feces. Actually, that’s putting down feces.

The rest of yesterday went well at Buffalo Wild Wings. Dan and Pam, the very nice couple who usually sits at the bar playing trivia, sat next to me with their children, and all of them played. I shared some answers because I like them. I also gave them a $5 discount coupon.

I’ve got some more things to print out so I can write at Buffalo Wild Wings should I choose. I don’t think I’ll play much trivia, save for The Pulse at 7, since I have to defend my #1 standing from last week.