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Rambling nooner

It’s high noon in Kansas City, and I’m about ready to get the heck out of my hotel room and do something. There are a few afternoon MLB games, but my big action comes tonight at 7 when LSU and TCU square off for the second time at the College World Series. TCU won Sunday 10-3, putting LSU in the unenviable position of needing to win four consecutive games to reach the championship series, something it has never done.

The Bayou Bengals defeated Cal State Fullerton 5-3 Tuesday to stay alive, while the Horned Frogs fell 1-0 to Vanderbilt, which is waiting for the winner of tonight’s game tomorrow at 7 p.m. The other bracket final is set, with Florida and Virginia playing at 2 p.m. tomorrow. The Gators need to win to force a second game between the teams Saturday afternoon. The Cavaliers defeated the Gators 1-0 Monday.

I spent almost 10 hours at Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday. It was blissful during the evening, with Brittany Davidson, Raymie Lepetit and Rue Jean-Klapproth all on shift. They were so excited to see me, and I felt the same way about seeing them. Brittany was gushing over her July 11 wedding, as she should be. I’ve been invited to the reception, and I had better go, because I shudder to think how she would feel if I didn’t show up.

Raymie is leaving for a vacation to Costa Rica Wednesday. I haven’t been outside of Kansas City since last July when I drove to Omaha and Lincoln to raid Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, which was founded in Baton Rouge.

It isn’t the chicken so much as it is the toast and the sauce. MMMMMMMMM. If the CWS weren’t in Omaha right now, I might have slipped away today. Maybe a day trip there or to Tulsa is in order.

My trivia pals Dawn and Robert showed up at happy hour. That was another nice touch.

Liz is supposed to be working today. That will be an interesting reunion. She doesn’t like it when I’m away for long periods. I’ve got to enjoy the days I see her, because she’s moving soon to Colorado. I guess that will mean a few road trips west.

She isn’t the only one leaving. Lisa is moving to Chicago with Jeff very soon. Jeff showed up sans Lisa last night, because she’s in St. Louis for her brother’s wedding.

It’s going to get very hot starting this weekend. The mercury in Russell will be hovering near 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) consistently through at least next Wednesday. OUCH. This means if I want to do anything in Hays before my appointment with Crista next Thursday, going to have to do it very early to avoid the heat.

The Royals are rolling at the expense of the Brewers. Except for the ninth inning Monday when Kansas City reliever Greg Holland got shelled for three runs, Milwaukee has become beyond inept. KC won 7-2 Tuesday and 10-2 last night. More of the same on the way. The Royals had better take advantage of tonight and three games this weekend at home against a bad Boston team.

Not counting Christmas Eve and breaks during the playoffs, last night was the first night without an NBA or NHL game since early October. For those who don’t like baseball, there isn’t much choice in the sports world, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, until August when NFL exhibition games crank up. The weekends have golf. And please resist the temptation to watch Wimbledon. I would rather get a root canal without anesthetic than watch tennis right now, especially women’s tennis.

Slow starting Sunday

I am still in my room at the Overland Park Marriott, and it’s 12:30 p.m. What’s up with that?

I am off to a late start. I needed my sleep. I also was just on the phone 25 minutes with Jack Krier, so that ate up some time. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Actually, it’s probably good that I’m not going to Buffalo Wild Wings so early. Brittany is off, Lisa is in St. Louis, and Liz doesn’t start her shift until 5. And I don’t think Raymie is working today, either. I haven’t seen Tori yet, although that will probably change this evening.

I left yesterday at 5. I went to Dillard’s because I was in dire need of a new belt. My pants were falling off me with my old one. I also needed some silverware to travel with, since I’m sick and tired of dealing with plastic. One set of good silverware is cheaper than buying all that plastic time and again.

I picked up Outback at Oak Park Mall before returning to my room. Enjoyed my strip and salad immensely. By 8:15, I was ready for sleep. I slept on and off through the night and into the morning, finally getting out of the shower a minute or two before noon.

Tomorrow is a writing day, at least in the morning. I want to get to B-Dubs as early as possible, since Lisa is bartending when it opens at 11. It’s also sports trivia night at 7. I not only need to play for me, but to boost the scores of our establishment, which lag badly when I’m not playing.

It’s been a great weekend so far. And hopefully it will extend into the week. Next blog from the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Mad Monday

I’m trying to get the heck out of my basement in Russell so I can go to Salina, but I’ve got to make sure everything I need is printed out and everything is organized, which will make it a lot easier. I’ve done that, so now all I have to do is pack the laptop and I can head east on I-70.

I had a very good checkup with Dr. Custer today. I found out I lost more weight, and even though I’m not where I want to be, I weight 35 pounds less than my driver’s license says. Not bad. I just have to lay off the sweets. I’m going back to Hays twice i the next 10 days for medical reasons, but both of those are for my head, not the rest of my body.

I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings for a little while, but this time, I’ll be staying in Salina, since Russell plays at Sacred Heart tomorrow night. Probably will be able to be more efficient that way.

The week that is so far

I wasn’t feeling too good Monday night when I got home to Russell. Not only did I have a terrible time playing Buzztime’s The Pulse at Buffalo Wild Wings–my lowest score in well over a year–but I also was second guessing myself for not braving the elements Sunday morning instead of staying in Norton. I told Peggy Cox I was way down on myself and I was feeling pretty dumb for not leaving Norton. She told me not to be so hard on myself.

I didn’t have time to think about it Tuesday, because I was in a rush to get my work done before leaving for Russell’s basketball games at Ellsworth that evening. On the drive east, I realized I probably did the right thing by staying in Norton the extra day. US 283, the road between Norton and I-70 at WaKeeney, is narrow with very little shoulder. There would have been a chance I would have slid off. Or worse, what if a car coming northbound careened into me and caused major damage? What about deer (I saw three crossing on the part which joins up with Kansas Highway 9 between Logan and Lenora going up Friday)? Then again, I have almost always watched the Super Bowl at home, and I don’t know if I would have been comfortable with a large crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I left the house for Ellsworth just after 4. The Broncos and Bearcats split the doubleheader, with Russell’s girls winning 60-43 and the Ellsworth boys prevailing 52-32. Pretty much what I expected coming in. The games proceeded well, and I was home before 10.

I didn’t sleep much. I decided to get all of my work done for the Russell County News before I left at 8;15 for my 9 a.m. appointment in Hays. That was a smashing success. These sessions every other Wednesday with Crista Geyer are really helping me. I think she was relieved, took, that we didn’t spend the whole time talking about Buffalo Wild Wings.

I passed on a trip to Salina. It didn’t snow like it was forecast, at least in Russell and Salina, but it was just too darn cold to go out. I stayed home and ate soup for dinner with my parents.

I weighed a trip to Salina yesterday. I would have spent most of the afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings and then driven north on US 81 to Minneapolis for Russell’s dual wrestling meet there. I eventually said no and instead rode with Larry Bernard, Jerry Driscoll and Sean Spoonts. Larry bought dinner for everyone at Applebee’s in Salina, and we got home a little after 10.

I’m now trying to tie up the loose ends before I leave a little after 1 for the trip to Hill City, where Smith Center is playing basketball tonight. I’m staying in Norton again before driving in the morning to Phillipsburg for the Panther Classic wrestling tournament. No trip to Kansas City this weekend, since I have an appointment with Dr. Custer Monday morning and then Russell’s basketball game with Sacred Heart in Salina Tuesday.

I won’t have any trouble getting back from Norton this time. The sun is out and the mercury is headed north of 60 degrees (16 Celsius) today. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get close to 80! I’ve got shorts packed for tomorrow for the tournament. It’s supposed to get cold again later next week, but no snow expected.

I hope this does not mean (a) we’re going to have a terrible tornado season and/or (b) it will be 110 for several days this summer. I’m afraid both will happen. Of course, New Orleans has two major anniversaries from the two most destructive hurricanes to hit the city coming up later this year: first the 10-year mark of Katrina in 2005, and less than two weeks later, the 50th of Betsy in 1965.


A dark, heavy weight was lifted last Thursday at this time. Needless to say, it was a huge relief and while I can’t say my life is all rainbows and lollipops, it is far better than it was prior to 5 p.m. last Thursday.

I went back to Buffalo Wild Wings just before 3 p.m. last Thursday. I pulled into the far right spot for takeout orders and sat in my car. I passed the time by watching an episode of Silk Stalkings on my iPhone (isn’t technology grand?) and listening to WHB-AM, one of the two sports talk radio stations in Kansas City. It was close to freezing outside, so I had to run the car from time to time to use my seat warmer.

I saw a lot of the familiar faces go in and out of the restaurant. Nobody noticed me. And I mean nobody. I was so invisible that Michael Pinkerton, one of the shift leaders who also is in my fantasy football league, walked right in front of my car without noticing me.

At 4:30, I finally honked my horn loud enough to catch Morgan Gilliland’s attention, but she didn’t know it was me. I finally messaged her on Facebook and revealed it was me who honked at her. She told me to come on but I kept resisting.

I texted Liz a couple of times and told her I was sitting in my car outside. She told me that I should go in, but I told her I was dead scared.

By time it got close to 5, I was really crying. I was crying so hard the tissues would get wet very quickly.

Then Liz got out of a car with Sean and someone else. I honked, and Liz noticed. She came to my car and I told her what was going on. She tried to calm me down, tried to explain there was nothing wrong, that it was all in my mind and not real.

A couple of minutes later, Brittany and Lisa came up behind Liz and noticed me. They too were wondering what I was doing in my car. They told me it was fine, just don’t get emotional. I agreed to come in.

I sat at the bar since Brittany and Lisa were working there. I ended up staying for five hours. I did play trivia. I did not get emotional, nor did I eat too much. I even made a run to QuikTrip on Barry Road at 8:30 for pretzels, although Brittany ended up sharing hers with me.

I wanted to stay until closing, but since I had the long trip to Smith Center the next day, I left at 10. I left feeling better than I had in a long time.

I told everyone I would definitely be back no later than the day after Christmas. I’m hoping to go back one of the next two weekends at least to pop my head in.

Lazy lazy lazy

Jesus, another nine whole days without posting. I am getting downright LAZY. For some reason, I just don’t feel the same motivation to post when I’m in the basement at 1224 North Brooks.

Guess what? I am not there right now. What a shock. I’m in one of my usual Kansas City lodging spots, the Courtyard on Tiffany Springs Parkway. Yet I cannot bring myself to go into Buffalo Wild Wings about three miles south on I-29.

I went there last night, but could not get out of my car. I stayed in my car for 20 minutes, then went to pickup my takeout order from Outback Steakhouse across Barry Road.

I still believe I am not welcome at Buffalo Wild Wings. . I guess if I show up I would spark a walkout by employees or worse. Elizabeth Psenski wants me to come back, but I keep telling her I just can’t bring myself to do it.

This has to get resolved one way or the other. Either I have to be banned or I have to know I’m welcome. Nothing in between.

If I’m banned. I’ll start staying in Kansas all the time when I come to Kansas City, except for the times I stay at the Courtyard Briarcliff, which will be the only Missouri hotel I will patronize. No need to stay out by the airport and Zona Rosa if I’m not welcome there.

If I can come back, fine. Just have to know when I can.

Sunday rambling

I did go to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday, and it turns out I was missed.

Brittany was behind the bar when I got there. I didn’t sit up there at first, but I finally made my way over there. It turns out there was a man who was playing trivia like me, and we chatted throughout. Brittany’s fiancee, Zach, showed up, and we went back and forth about college football and the Royals.

I moved into the dining room when Liz showed up. For some reason, I was not fully into it, but I stayed long enough to play Buzztime’s music trivia game from 7 to 8. I left at 8:30 and went back to Overland Park.

It was quite a day in college football. The big news came from Oxford, where Auburn upended Ole Miss 35-31, handing the Rebels their second consecutive loss. Ole Miss led 24-14 in the third quarter, but the Tigers took the lead by the end of the period.

Ole Miss appeared on its way to the winning touchdown when a tragic play happened. The Rebels’ top receiver, Laquon Treadwell, was running unmolested towards the end zone, but he was caught at the 1-yard line. He was forced to fumble, which Auburn recovered, but even worse, Treadwell broke his right leg. It was gruesome to watch, ranking right up there with the broken legs suffered by Washington Redskins legends Charley Taylor in 1971 and Joe Theismann in 1985.

In the Big 12, TCU fell behind 13-0 at West Virginia, but rallied to a 31-30 victory. This sets up a huge matchup at Fort Worth this Saturday between the Horned Frogs and Kansas State, which is the only team still undefeated in the conference. The Wildcats have to be kicking themselves for losing at home to Auburn, a game in which K-State turned the ball over three times and missed three field goals. Had the Wildcats won, they would easily be in the top four of the College Football Playoff rankings.

The clocks turned back to standard time this morning at 2 a.m. I’m not complaining. I don’t mind it getting dark just after 5 p.m. I don’t like daylight savings time. I don’t like the sun being out so late in the summer. I would rather it get dark earlier than stay dark longer in the morning.

Thursday’s thoughts

Maybe it was the Slurpee. Maybe it was the cherry cheese danish. Maybe it was the fact Lisa was working a double shift and was in the dining room when I arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings, allowing me to spend the afternoon at table 162. Anyway, I finally got rid of the bad feelings of yesterday and the wee hours of this morning.

I checked out of the Overland Park Marriott right at noon. I took a circuitous route to Zona Rosa, taking I-635 to I-70 and then I-670 across the state line. I crossed the Kit Bond Bridge on I-35 and went to the 7-Eleven on Antioch Road. Not the best neighborhood, but nothing to be worried about in the daytime. Believe me, I drove through far, far worse going to school for 6 1/2 years–five at Brother Martin and another three semesters at the University of New Orleans.

I got my usual hot dogs and drink at 7-Eleven, plus a Coca-Cola Slupree and two cherry cheese danish. I was hungry.

When I walked into Buffalo Wild Wings, I discovered Lisa was in the dining room and happened to have my old table set up for trivia. Even though there wasn’t a power outlet close by, I figured I could get by until she moved to the bar area at 4. There was a group of three men who came and played together, and I got them on the last question before taking a break and letting them play one another. I got back in the game at 2:15, and I’ve been playing ever since.

Liz came in today to get some takeout. She loooked awesome as always. I knew she was beautiful, but I didn’t realize just how much until I saw her out of uniform for two days. Sean Cash, you had better thank the Lord every day for what you have pal. If you don’t, then…but I know you won’t mess it up.

I’ve seen a lot of my other favorites besides Liz and Lisa, including Brittany Davidson, Sidnee and Samantha.

Pretty stress free so far. The Jaguars and Bears are playing an NFL exhibition game right now, and I’m typing this, hearing the audio from the game, and playing Buzztime’s SIX, all the while Tweeting occasionally, keeping up on Facebook and filling out Buffalo Wild Wings surveys on line.

I have a free room reserved at the Courtyard Briarcliff, but part of me wants to go home. I’m out of underwear and socks, although the hotel has great washers and dryers. Debating. Not leaving here before 8:30, though.

Troublesome trivia

I should not have said things were better in my earlier post. They quickly went downhill after it went up.

There was a large crowd of trivia players who came in after Rondo left. Two of them, POST and ENICK, fancy themselves as experts, and while they do well from time to time, they usually can’t match what Rondo and I post.

One game, however, POST was having a great game, and I sucked. Really sucked. I was about to lose it. I wanted to see who this guy was, but Liz intercepted me and took me onto the patio. I finished the game, but I was unable to come back and overtake POST and ENICK, but luckily, POST did not score high enough to get his name on the monthly top ten, which is exclusively my province right now.

I struck back at POST, ENICK and a threesome which was sitting to my right the rest of the night, and I kept adding new high scores to the Countdown board. All’s well that ends well, right?

I went pretty exotic with the food choices tonight. Pepper Jack steak wrap and a chicken sandwich. However, I didn’t have an early tab, so it came out the same as usual.

I’ve got to get out of here in a few minutes and make that long and lonely drive south to Overland Park.