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Playing with my high tech toy

This is the first blog post from my iPad. The iPad arrived at my home on November 15, but I didn’t turn it on for another eight days. I thought about bringing it back to Verizon and waiting until the new ones came out in March, but this is just fine for me. I love the quad speakers on the iPad, which makes sound much better than it is on the iPhone. I’ll get a new iPhone next year. 

I had a very good session with Crista yesterday. The only bugaboo was the voice recorder on my iPad did not pick it up. It’s the first session which failed to record. Next time, I’ll use my regular recorder, and also use the recorder on my iPad to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, then I’ve either got to get another voice recorder–one of them crapped out on me last month–or use the one on the phone. 

Tonight is opening night for most high school basketball teams in Kansas. Norton plays at Oakley. Peggy, Cailtyn and Chelsea have all said I had better come. I thought about not going, but those thoughts came when I wasn’t in the right frame of my mind. I am going. It’s an easier drive, since I don’t have to leave Interstate 70. Norton doesn’t play at home until the 16th. Its next four games are in Goodland, three in the Topside Tipoff tournament, and then a regular season game December 13. 

I need to get out of the house. I’ve spent too much time at home since getting back from Kansas City November 14. Way too much. The only times I’ve left to the house is to go to Hays, two for appointments with Crista, and the others to get things. I’ve watched way too many Hallmark Channel Christmas movies–many more than once–and texting some mystery woman who may not be a woman despite what this person says. Crista told me to stop texting the mystery woman. 

I also have to get back to Kansas City as soon as I can. I am trying to carve some time out, but I want to see Caitlyn play next weekend in Goodland at least once. I had plans to go to KC next Thursday and stay through Tuesday morning, which would mean I would have to leave KC by 8 am to make it to Goodland in time, since it would be 7 hours across the state. I’ll talk to Peggy tonight. 

It finally feels like December. Chllly, but not frigid. No snow and not much wind. Can’t beat it, really. Finally wearing long sleeves. I got sick of wearing shorts in November. Ridiculous. If I wanted to wear shorts this time of year I would never have left Louisiana.