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The I-29 parking lot

The Price Is Right has been interrupted on the CBS affiliate in Kansas City. There is a shooter at a rest stop on Interstate 29 between Kansas City and St. Joseph. I-29 is a parking lot in both directions, with the northbound lanes backing up over five miles. Glad I have no reason to be going towards St. Joseph or Omaha.

I’ve been on I-29 lord knows how many times to drive to St. Joseph and then catch US-36 to somewhere in western Kansas, usually Smith Center or Phillipsburg. I figure one day I’m going to get caught on that highway in a massive traffic jam. It hasn’t happened yet, but it figures to sooner or later. That would be a nightmare, since I don’t know any alternate routes.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. Spent a long time at Buffalo Wild Wings, but nothing really transpired, except me playing a lot of trivia and giving out some Christmas cards to staffers. I’m going back today, and maybe tomorrow. At some point tomorrow, I will be returning to Russell. It’s supposed to rain Sunday.

I hope I see a few of my pals today at Buffalo Wild Wings. Tori has the day off, but I’m sure I’ll see many people I know who work there. I’m just hoping Robb and Dawn show up, and so does Larry.

Dreary out there. Good day to stay inside.