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Kentucky’s highs and lows 

Both Kentucky schools lost their bowl games today. 

Louisville, of course, lost to LSU in the Citrus Bowl, and Kentucky fell to Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl (or TaxSlayer Bowl if you want to be technical about it). 

That means Western Kentucky has bragging rights in football, not only because the Hilltoppers won their bowl game, but because Western did something its bigger brethren in the Commmonwealth did not–win its conference. Now why don’t Louisville and Kentucky play Western every year? Louisville saw fit to play Charlotte and Marshall,and Kentucky played Austin Peay and a couple of other palookas. Why not keep the money in the Commonwealth? 

How many people actually care Louisville and Kentucky lost today, outside Louisville and Lexington (and maybe scattered people in Frankfort, Covington, Ashland and Paducah)? NOT MANY. 

Basketball soothed the pain on the gridiron for folks in the Bluegrass.

Not only did Rick Pitino’s Cardinals defeat Indiana in Indianapolis, but Duke, the most hated team in every corner of Kentucky, lost at Virginia Tech. 

Duke has never been a favorite of either Kentucky or Louisville. Both the Wildcats and Cardinals own national championship game victories over Duke–Kentucky in 1978 when Jack “Goose” Givens scored 41 points in the Wildcats’ 94-88 win, and Louisville in 1986, when freshman “Never Nervous” Pervis Ellison lifted the Cards to a 72-69 victory over a Duke team led by Johnny Dawkins and Jay Bilas. 

However, the Kentucky-Duke hatred reached a new level the evening of March 28, 1992.

That’s the night when Christian Laettner, one of the dirtiest players who ever graced a basketball court, stepped ont eh chest of the Wildcats’ Ammu Timberlake in the East regional final at Philadelphia. Laettner did not even receive a technical foul for being a gigantic asshole, and he hit the game-winning shot in overtime. 

I have never been a Duke fan. I especially couldn’t stand the Blue Devils when Laettner played. The officials who work Duke games are intimated by Kryzewzski, but with Laettner, it was a whole different level. It’s a wonder how Duke lost games. The free throw dispartity was so lopsided. Not even Dean Smith could catch a break most of the time. 

Duke and Virginia lost today. Good. Two programs which deserve each other. 

I’ve never visited Kentucky. I would like to. Maybe in April when LSU plays baseball in Lexington. 

Hold on here

So much for another late-night sojourn from Kansas City to Russell. Mother Nature has decreed I should stay until tomorrow morning through her epic lightning display, which was followed by another outpouring of the heavens.

Fortunately, I packed for such a potential, and I will be trekking two miles north on I-29 to the Holiday Inn Express. I had the points to stay for free, and I do not care for the Courtyard on the other side of I-29 on Tiffany Springs Parkway, given the lack of hot water for shaving and housekeepers who can’t understand a Do Not Disturb sign.

Besides, I’m getting to spend extra time with some of my favorite people on earth, especially Elizabeth Psenski, Brittany Davidson and Jaclyn Blankenship all of whom are working this Labor Day evening. I’m also bonding with young Raymie, one of the newer servers. She’s a cutie and is going to break a lot of hearts. But I’m an old man by comparison.

Louisville is beating Miami 24-13. Ugh. I have never liked Louisville, and I cannot stand Bobby Petrino, who has all the morals of Barabbas, the man who was freed by Pontius Pilate instead of Jesus Christ before the Sanhedrin. He used Louisville in an attempt to get jobs at Auburn and LSU, quit the Atlanta Falcons by attaching a form letter to the players’ lockers, then showed up 24 hours after a Monday Night Football game as Arkansas’ new coach, then blew the gig in Fayetteville not only by carrying on an affair with an engaged intern, but lying about it after the two were in a motorcycle accident.

Louisville has never been beyond shady ethics, so it didn’t surprise me one bit when they re-hired Petrino after Charlie Strong went to Texas. Then again, Strong may have a better moral compass, but Petrino runs circles around him as a football coach. I guarantee there’s no way Louisville loses to Central Florida last year with Petrino coaching.

I not only dislike Louisville and Petrino, I want Miami to win, because that is the alma mater of the sweetest and most talented sports broadcaster around, Jill Arrington of Fox Sports 1. Jill graduated from Miami in 1994 before going into broadcasting, where she was the sideline reporter for SEC football on CBS for five years in the early 2000s. She came back to TV this year on Fox Sports 1, and it is great to have her back. I also remember Jill doing a turn as a television news reporter on Monk in 2009.

I’m eventually going to leave Buffalo Wild Wings, but this time, I have an even shorter drive to the hotel than I had over the weekend from Briarcliff. And it’s easy out to M-152 to I-435. I figure I’ll leave between 9:30 and 10, visit with Jack, then turn around and go to Beloit.