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Dull days

The Brewers lost again but are still leading the NL Central. LeBron James has not decided where he will play basketball in 2014-15. I’m still in the basement at 1224 North Brooks, Russell, Kansas, watching my DVD collection of The O.C.

In short, nothing doing.

I haven’t left the homestead since I got home Tuesday evening. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, since I’m not wasting gas, nor am I wasting money, although i had to order my Jack Black face wash and face scrub from Dillard’s today. At least I’m not adding to my Discover card, which is my main credit card.

The Brewers are hitting the skids at precisely the wrong time. The Phillies, one of the worst teams in the National League, came to Milwaukee and swept a four-game series, the first time the Phils have left Wisconsin with a sweep (remember, the Brewers have only been in the NL since 1998, and interleague play didn’t come along until 1997). If this had happened while Philadelphia was in the midst of its strong run, highlighted by the 2008 World Series championship, fine. But this Phillies team? Give me a break.

The Cardinals are now two games back and go to Milwaukee for a three-game series this weekend. However, the Cardinals have their own issues, as All-Star catcher Yadier Molina is now out at least eight weeks due to a torn ligament in his right thumb. St. Louis has also had trouble scoring all year, so who knows? But the NL Central is now a four-horse race, with everyone except the Cubs jockeying for position.

I have passed the first eight episodes of the second season of The O.C., which are among my least favorite of the series. I could not stand D.J., the yard maintenance man at Caleb Nichol’s mansion who has a sexual relationship with Marissa while Ryan goes back to Chino to be with Theresa. This is also the period where Ryan begins a relationship with the annoying Lindsay Gardner, who turns out to be Caleb’s love child, making her Kirsten’s half-sister. Seth is trying to make Summer jealous by dating the older, edgy Alex Kelly, but Summer doesn’t care, because she’s dating the seemingly perfect Zach Stevens. Seth Cohen could be a real dick at times, and he was while Summer was dating Zach. It was painful to watch.

Ryan and Lindsay were just as painful to endure. When Lindsay decided to move to Chicago after it was revealed Caleb was indeed her biological father, I was not shedding any tears.

I could write a few entries on The O.C., but I won’t bore you with it right now. I will get around to it. Just to let you know, as was the case with the first six seasons of One Tree Hill, I did not watch the series when it first aired. It took reruns on SoapNet during the summer of 2009 to hook me. And boy, I became hooked.