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Getting lazy

I can’t get into bad habits again. Went the whole day yesterday and the first half of today without posting. That’s not good. I’ve had other blogs die on the vine because I got lazy. Maybe I need a reminder. I hope not.

There really wasn’t much to report on yesterday anyway. Had to get my column done for the Russell County News, and mostly spent the day between dozing off and watching my DVD collection of The O.C. I’ve got seven episodes left in season one.

The world is awaiting LeBron James’ decision. It’s either stay with the Heat or go back to Cleveland. I don’t see how he’s going back to the Cavaliers, and I think he’s just jerking around Cleveland once again, but I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong, because I still can’t stand him, and I cannot stand the Heat for getting away with blatant collusion by consulting Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all those years to form the Big Three in Miami.

The other big NBA free agent prize is Carmelo Anthony. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole. Me, me, me, me. Complains all the time. The Knicks or Lakers can have him.

The 2014-15 season marks the 30th anniversary of the NBA’s current salary cap. The cap was the last act of Lawrence O’Brien as NBA commissioner, as he and the NBA’s owners tried to get the spiraling salaries under control. At that time, NBA players on average were paid far more than their NFL counterparts, and the top players in the NBA were far ahead of their top counterparts in Major League Baseball.

The cap for the 1984-85 season was $3.6 million. It will be over $63 million for the 2014-15 season. Inflation anyone?

Argentina won the second FIFA World Cup semifinal yesterday, ousting the Netherlands in a shootout after neither team could score over 120  minutes. So it’s Germany and Argentina for all the marbles Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. Anyone not specifically tied to Argentina will certainly be rooting for Germany, because as bad as Brazil losing  7-1 to Germany was, it would be exponentially worse if Argentina won the Cup in Brazil. If you thought the US and the Soviet Union rivalry during the Cold War was nasty, Brazil-Argentina in futbol features far more hatred.

I’m not a big fan of Argentina, either. That country has generally been anti-American throughout its history, and it tried to steal the Falkland Islands by force in 1982, but thankfully, the Brits destroyed them.  Then there was the 1986 World Cup match when Argentina’s superstar, Diego Maradona, got away with a handball when he punched the ball into the net vs. England, yet the Tunisian referee, Ali Bin Nasser, let the goal stand. Argentina went on to win the Cup that year, defeating West Germany in the final.

The Milwaukee Brewers could lose their NL Central lead today. They are playing awful right now. It’s one thing losing twice on the road at Toronto and Cincinnati. It’s another to lose three in a row at home to Philadelphia. It’s going south fast. Really fast.