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Two problems, one solution: back to Russell

I watched with interest since the beginning of 2018 as a new hotel was constructed in Salina off Magnolia Road west of Interstate 135. I was hoping it would be a Marriott-branded property, since the only Marriott in Salina for the past eight years has been the Courtyard at I-135 and Schilling.

Indeed, it was a Farifield. It opened earlier this year, and I decided to try it out last night.

The outside looks great. The rooms for the most part are fine.

However, I had more than one problem.

First, the elevator–the only one in the hotel–was out of order. My original room was on the third floor, which would not have been a problem EXCEPT for my large green suitcase. The prospect of lugging it up the stairs was unappealing.

The front desk moved me to the first floor…into a handicapped room, which I did not enter. I knew when I saw the hearing impaired sign that it was trouble.

I remember being assigned to a handicapped room on a road trip with LSU’s baseball team to Ole Miss. This was a dump of a motel, and being in a handicapped room wasn’t making anything better. Fortunately, they found a regular room.

The third time was the charm in Salina yesterday, but I was still unhappy about being on the first floor. It is usually much louder on the ground floor than on upper floors, and it was going to be worse in the morning, because the room was cattycorner to the breakfast area.

However, trouble struck when I got back from Buffalo Wild Wings.

The sink in the bathroom was completely stopped.

I tried to open the trap, but it would not open. I didn’t have my plunger with me, and I had no tool to try and pry the trap open.

I was reduced to bailing water from the sink with a plastic cup. Lovely.

It was at that point I decided to cut my stay short and return to Russell tonight.

Other than that, Salina has been good, between Buffalo Wild Wings and Amber cutting my hair.


I have had it up to here with bugs doing suicide missions on the front bumper and windshield of my automobile. I’ve washed the car four times in the last three weeks, and it looks awesome…except for the bugs.

Looks like I will be using that unlimited car wash pass in Wichita and Kansas City quite a bit between now and early October.


There will be new blood in the NBA Finals. The Raptors and Bucks begin their Eastern Conference championships series tomorrow night in Milwaukee.

The Raptors, who began playing in the 1995-96 season, have never made it to the final round. Their only conference championship appearance was in 2016, when they lost to LeBron’s Cavaliers.

Milwaukee has an NBA title, but it was all the way back in 1971, when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still Lew Alcindor and Oscar Robertson was playing point guard for coach Larry Costello. The Bucks made it back to the finals three years later, only to lose to Boston in seven.

Since then, the Bucks have only made the conference finals four times, losing to Philadelphia in 1983 and 2001, and to Boston in 1984 and ’86.

I’m hoping against all hope Portland can beat Golden State in the West. I’ve had it with the Warriors. They’re not as arrogant as the Patriots or Alabama football, but it’s bad enough.


I was scared after San Jose beat St. Louis 6-3 Saturday in the NHL playoffs. Thankfully, the Blues bounced back last night to win 5-2 and now are even going back to Missouri for the next two games.

Just hoping Boston can finish off the jerks from Carolina.


God, I’m going stupid. Just had a horrendous Countdown trivia game. My score of 8.825 was the lowest for a full game this year, and I think the lowest in two years. I could have scored that when I was 15. The silver lining was I wasn’t playing anyone, and I haven’t faced anyone in Salina since last year, and I have yet to draw an opponent in Hays.

Bounced back to 12.597 last game. Okay. Feeling better.

The good thing about going on trivia binges is it keeps me from giving in to temptation and disgusting things nobody should be doing on the Internet. Last May, I was in a very bad place, one which compromised my values, my finances and nearly cost me a lot more.

President Leghorn? Is that possible?

Last night, I resumed my favorite hobby, playing Buzztime trivia.

Near the end of the evening, a question came up which had one of the most ridiculous answers I have ever witnessed in my four and a half years of intesne Buzztime trivia playing (I played some in 2008 and ‘09, but it wasn’t until May 2013 when I became wrapped up in playing it regularly).

The question asked, which U.S. President stated that “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”.

Of course, anyone who remembers history in high school knows it has to be Franklin Roosevelt. I knew that in middle school, but I’m not here to brag on myself.

The other choices were John F. Kennedy, James Monroe and…


I’ve heard of joke answers, but that was ridiculous.

Foghorn Leghorn isn’t real–unless there is a Foghorn Leghorn out there I’ve never met. He’s a cartoon character for crying out loud!

I get the point of not making Buzztime trivia impossible–except Brainbuster, which is every Tuesday from 7 to 7:30–but come on.

The only answer which would have been more ridiculous would have been Pigasus, the fake deity who actually earned a vote during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the one where hippies rioted in the streets of Chicago.

Well, I stand corrected.

The most recent uestion just asked the nickname of Ohio State’s athletic teams. One choice: Kleptomaniacs.

Ah, Buzztime. Keeping us in stitches sometimes.

Lenten finale

Easter is tomorrow. It looks like it will rain at least for the first few hours, which may cause a problem for sunrise services in Kansas City. It will be a problem for eastern Missouri most of the day. 

I did something yesterday I hardly ever do when I’m in Kansas City. However, I don’t feel bad about it. 

I did not set foot inside Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa. I usually go just about every day when I’m in town, save on days when I’m departing. If I don’t go, it’s because (a) the weather is too bad outside to be driving; (b) I have too much work to do; or (c) I’m really feeling crappy. 

However, yesterday was my equivalent of “DNP-CD” in an NBA box score, which means “did not play, coaches’ decision”, or in other words, the coach felt the player would contribute nothing to the cause. 

Oh yes, I did play trivia. Lots of it. Four and a half hours at Buffalo Wild Wings in Liberty, then another five and a half at Minsky’s. In fact, I missed only eight questions in transit along Missouri 152. It was kind of strange, though, turning left from Barry Road onto Northwest Prairie View, instead of right. Every other time I’ve been to Minsky’s, it’s been after spending time at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

I didn’t see Tara last night at Minsky’s. I hope she enjoyed herself. I did see Lindsay. 

And two other folks I’m familar with. 

Robb and Dawn showed up at 4:30. Robb told me they might stop at Minsky’s, and sure enough, after I was there for an hour, they came up behind me. It’s always great to see them. They’re going through a difficult time right now, more difficult than anything I could ever go through. 

I would love for them to come to Salina one day for a summit meeting with Peggy and the Cox family.  I’ll introduce them to Caitlyn when she moves to Overland Park later this year. 

I’m out of KC tomorrow morning. I’ve got to get work done tomorrow night, Monday and Tuesday before my crazy Wednesday. I’ve been trying to get a start on it by typing up all the track results from the past week. 

I’ve got to stay at B-Dubs until I see Raymie, Morgan and few others. 

New old trivia locale

Another early morning departure for Kansas City. I woke up briefly at 2:25, then went to bed until 5:15. I was out of Russell before 7, and in Kansas City by 10:30. 

I’m starting this Kansas City sojourn at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Only this time, it’s not at Zona Rosa. 

I’m at the store on Missouri Highway 152, on the eastern edge of the Kansas City city limits, almost in Liberty. 

Prior to the opening of the Zona Rosa location in 2011, this Buffalo Wild Wings was the only one in the Kansas City metro north of the Missouri River. When I first spotted this location on the map on Buffalo Wild Wings’ website, the map had the store in Excelsior Springs, which is way out to the northeast. 

When I started staying near KCI on my trips to Kansas City, I would come out to the B-Dubs on Highway 152 to play trivia. It is 15-20 minutes to get from the airport to the restaurant, and if there’s trafffic on 152, it’s even longer. 

I came to that B-Dubs quite a bit in 2008 and 2009, until the July 4 weekend that year, when I started urinating blood at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had to go to the emergency room at St. Luke’s Northland for a kidney stone–which I passed before going to the hospital–and a urinary tract infection. Once I recovered from that, I lost my trivia fervor for quite a long time. I really didn’t return to playing Buztime regularly until 2013.

I have only been to the B-Dubs in Liberty once this decade. It was in 2013, when I one day ate lunch there before going to Zona Rosa. 

The store on 152 has been remodeled, and it looks very nice. There’s brick near the entrance, there is a new bar, there are new tables, and the barstools are much more comfortable, since they have padding, unlike the ones at Zona Rosa, which are hard, necessitating the use of a cushion. I might have to come here more often. 

I came to the B–Dubs in Liberty to see my trivia buddy Larry (MIZZOU), whom I had not seen since December. He has been coming to the locale in Liberty as of late, and I figured I would go there to meet him. Sure enough, he showed up at 11;20. I’m glad I came, because I’ve found another place to come when I need to. 

I am going to Zona Rosa today to see Robb and Dawn, as well as Lindsey Taylor-McClain, who is leaving. Time marches on. Tomorrow I need to go to Zona to see Molly. Then there’s Minsky’s, where Tara and Lindsay will be working today and tomorrow. 

My life <<<< your life

I am well aware I have not posted since last Friday, when the Trump adminsitration was in its second hour. I’m sorry. 

On the other hand, things have not been going so well. Maybe it’s best I didn’t post. However, I need to get this out there. 

The rest of the Kansas City trip was fine, until late Sunday. 

The Buzztime system at Buffalo Wild Wings went down in a heap Saturday just after 8 p.m., while I was in the middle of Playback, the Saturday night game featuring music trivia. The tablet I was using just locked up on me. It did the same to LOWPOP, who was at the opposite end of the bar from me. I knew to start using the mobile playmaker app on my iPad, but LOWPOP didn’t. 

After the third round of the game was finished, I reported the problem to Chad McCart, and he rebooted the system. Problem was, my score was lost. 

I had been toying with the idea of going to Minksy’s Pizza, which is across Barry Road from Zona Rosa, to play following the conclusion of Playback. The system going down was my excuse to make the trip. 

Robb told me parking might be scarce at Minksy’s, but I found a spot quickly enough. I even got seated in time to finish Playback. The final question was about The Bee Gees. Of course I knew the correct answer.

The real reason I wanted to play at Minsky’s came between 8:30 and 9. 

Minksy’s still uses the “blue boxes” for Buzztime trivia. Those are technically known as the Classic Playmaker in Buzztime lingo, and they have an monochrome LCD screen, rather than the tablet, where the screen is more modern. The biggest catch with the Classic Playmaker is you must look at the screen for the question. It does not appear on the blue boxes, as it does on the tablets. 

You also have to look at the question on the screen when you’re using the Playmaker app on the smartphone or tablet, so I could re-adjust easily to looking at the screen for the questions. 

One thing the Classic Playmakers features which cannot be found on the tablets is two games which are played on Saturday night. 

At 8:30, there is a 10-question, 15-minute game called Ask It Already. The catch is the answers are shown first, then the question, kind of like Jeopardy! It’s the same format as The Late Shift…wrong answers wipe out one by one, no clues, so you can get stuck with zero for a particular question. 

Except I didn’t get stuck with zero. Actually, it was the opposite.

In my first game of Ask It Already since November 30, 2013, I scored 10,000. Perfection. Numero uno in the nation. And I did not share #1 with anyone else. 

The game after Ask It Already was one I love, but again, had not played since late 2013: Speed Freaks. 

The first person in Speed Freaks to answer correctly receives 1,000 points. All other players receive zero. An incorrect answer incurs a 250-point penalty, and that player is locked out for the remainder of the question. There is a maximum of 10 seconds per question. 

The catch with Speed Freaks is the quicker players answer, the more questions appear. 

Even though I was playing by myself, I wanted to answer as quickly as possible so I could see more questions. 

By time the game was over, I got to answer 26 questions. I scored 11,500, which meant I got more wrong than I did right, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. 

That’s one reason I will be going to Minksy’s on Saturday nights when I’m in Kansas City. 

The other was the lady who took care of me last Saturday. 

I was immediately impressed by Tara. She had a lovely smile, and always made sure everything was just perfect. She even asked me if I would come back the next night when she was working, which I did. 

The food at Minksy’s is very good, too. I had a calzone Saturday, and a deep dish pizza Sunday. Sure, the pasta may not be as good as what my mother prepares, but the pizza and calzone is a major step up from what I’m used to at Pizza Hut and Domino’s. 

I saw Robb and Dawn and Buffalo Wild Wings Sunday, then went over to Minksy’s to play more trivia and watch the AFC Championship game. I ate at both locations, and that led to my problems later. 

Late Sunday evening, I started to feel terrible. I had tremendous indigestion. I had trouble sleeping, and that led me to sleep very late Monday morning. I barely got done what I needed to get done. 

I didn’t go to anywhere Monday in Kansas City, except to Hy-Vee to return a milk bottle to get back a deposit, and to Outback for dinner. Other than that, I was in the room, hoping to get done what I needed to so I could go to Norton Tuesday for Caitlyn’s game. 

Stupid me didn’t plan it right, and I ended up being stuck in Kansas City until 12:15. Of course that wasn’t enough time to get to Norton, no matter if I went to St. Joseph and took US 36 across the top of Kansas, or if I went back through Russell, Hays and WaKeeney to US 283. I stopped at Abilene and apologized profusely to Peggy that I wouldn’t make it. She told me to shake it off, but I couldn’t. I felt terrible. 

Selfish. Very selfish. 

How many games this season of Caitlyn’s have I missed because of my selfishness? That’s SEVEN I can count. 

Four at Goodland in December for spending all that time in Kansas City. One at Stockton earlier this month because I couldn’t fight off a cold. One at Hill City a few days ago because I didn’t get proper rest. And the one Tuesday. 

Why do Peggy and Caitlyn still want to stick by me? Some friend I am. Putting myself first. That’s no way to go through life. It’s downright mean. 

Caitlyn plays tomorrow in Colby. I know I should go. But does the Cox family really want me there? If they don’t, I understand. It will be my own damn fault. 

The trip to Kansas City didn’t go all that well. 

Remember, stupid me dropped my phone at Dunkin’ Donuts in Overland Park a week ago today and had to get a new one. I didn’t want to get the iPhone 7; I wanted to wait for the 8. Even worse, this phone is randomly playing music when I don’t want it to. I am so angry. I want to throw this phone against the wall, but that will do me no good. I’ve got another week to figure it out. I am seriously going to have to think about driving to OP this weekend to get it checked out, or else return it. 

And then there is the problem of my huge addiction to websites I should not be visiting. 

I have wasted over $700 on Ashley Madison, the illicit website which advocates married people hooking up.

WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BE THAT STUPID? No woman is going to go for someone who lives in Nowhere, Kansas. No woman is going to go for someone who lives in Nowhere, Kansas who looks like me, has no money, and worse, does not have the proper equipment to satisfy a woman. These women have far better options far closer to them. The few women who live near Hays want nothing to do with me. Salina is even too far. 

I have fucked my life up so much it isn’t funny. There is no way I can get it back now. I am a twisted, disgusting, deranged living organism. I am not a human being by any sense of the word. I am simply an animal in a human body. 

I told Crista today I feel my life is worthless. Why should I bother? WHY? My life is not worth it. I’m wasting other people’s oxygen, food and water. 

I’m sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings in Salina. At least I am not looking at Ashley Madison or any similar site. 

The only good thing to come out of today: I got a new CPAP mask from a medical supply store in Salina to try out for free for a few days. Other than that, my life is holy hell right now. And it is all of my own doing. 

Trivia-free…for awhile

What does an avid trivia player do when there’s no trivia to play? 

I’m learning that right now. 

The Buzztime network at Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa is completely down. No trivia, no poker. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. 

I’m sitting at the bar right now, watching the Royals get their butts whipped by the Nationals, but other than that, I’m bored. 

The trivia has been coming up on the screen, but I cannot access it, either on the tablet or the mobile app. The network is functioning fine at Minsky’s Pizza across Barry Road, as I was able to pick it up with the phone. 

Right now, I’m tempted to drive to another Buffalo Wild Wings. I can go to Liberty, a few miles east on Missouri Highway 152, or I could drive all the way down to Overland Park, where I’ve played before. 

OOPS, spoke too soon. Buzztime is back and working at my location. I don’t have to drive. WOOHOO! 

Storm brewing

So far, so good in Kansas City. The drive from Russell yesterday morning was uneventful. I stopped in Junction City at Starbucks for an egg nog frappucino, then made it to Zona Rosa a few minutes after 10.

I was in Buffalo Wild Wings from opening at 11 until a few minutes before 8. Sat at the bar and played trivia for nine hours straight, and my brain was just about fried. The last four hours was all college football trivia. For me, all but about six of those questions were like shooting fish in a barrel. My LOWEST score for those games was 13,534 out of 15,000. I had two perfect scores and one where I was only 21 points shy of perfection.

I had great service behind the bar yesterday. Lindsey Taylor McClain had the bar from opening until 4:30, and then she turned it over to Sekou and Ethan Hoyle, who were outstanding up until the time I left. Lindsey was very grateful for the nice tip I left her. She needs it, because she has an 18-month old boy at home.

Speaking of Buffalo Wild Wings and kids, Lisa Toebben’s due date is Wednesday. She and Jeff already have a name for their boy, Liam Gearhart Daniels. He should be really cute, although I hope he doesn’t have the vision problems his parents have. I know all about genetics and eyesight–my dad is very near-sighted.

I can’t help but think to Colorado Springs and Elizabeth Psenski every time I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings. For two years, seeing her always made my day that much better, no matter how bad it was.

I’m going back today to watch the Chiefs-Browns game and other NFL action at noon, then Packers-Cardinals at 3:25. I better enjoy today, because I might not be back tomorrow.

A winter storm is coming. The biggest problem for Kansas City will be ice, the worst of which is expected between midnight and 9 a.m. God I hope not. Ice is the worst. At least there is a little traction–not much–on snow. Ice? Good luck.

As long as I can get there Tuesday for LSU’s game vs. Texas Tech, it will all be good.

UCLA should be embarrassed. Losing to a 5-7 Nebraska team in your home state? Georgia State also lost to a 5-7 team, but the difference was, the 5-7 team, San Jose State, was better. Central Michigan, you’re on alert tomorrow against Minnesota in Detroit.

(Relative) stranger in a not so strange land

My six-week estrangement from Kansas City ended officially just after 1 p.m. today when I passed the 110th Street exit on Interstate 70, officially entering KCK.  I checked into the Courtyard on Tiffany Springs at 1:35, and by 2, I was back at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Jeremy Smith, the manager on  duty, was first to greet me. Tori Weber was behind the bar and she spotted me by time I reached the register. I wasn’t hard to miss today because I opted to wear my bright mango-colored shirt. The reason? Brittany Davidson, the bride to be, is working tonight. She loves that shirt.

The ususal cashier on weekday afternoons, Jenn Reilly, is on maternity leave. She was pretty close to due when I saw her last May 4. 

I”m here tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday for sure. I am planning right now to go back for Father’s Day. I have to think that one over. 

I”m staying on my points at the Courtyard through Saturday. I could have used another 10,000 to stay Saturday night, but that would have been a waste, since Marriott gives you a free fifth night when you stay four consecutive nights on points. 

I really wanted to stay for Monday night and Buzztime’s The Pulse. But that would have been too many nights. I also have an appointment with Crista next Thursday. 

Just completed a Buzztime game where I got the last 14 questions perfect. Most ever for Countdown. 

Typical Wednesday afternoon. Some action, but nothing like I figure it will be tonight for the Royals-Brewers game on TV. I originally wanted to go to The K to watch the two games with Milwaukee in person, but I figured the company was much better at Buffalo Wild Wings. And it’s cheaper.  

SInce I don’t have work to do and I’m staying close, I can take this pretty late. I’m guessing at least 10. 

Monday madness

It has been quite a Monday. March is ending in 27 hours, and it’s ending with a bang for your intrepid blogger.

I got to Buffalo Wild Wings at 12:45. I wanted to get there a little sooner, but it worked out well. Lisa was bartending, Raymie was serving, although she got cut early due to slow business. I had the delicious New  Yorker, pastrami on a pretzel bun, for lunch.

Two beautiful ladies came to the bar just after 2. Of course, being the social butterfly that I am, I totally froze. I did give them one of my $5 discount coupons, however. 

I should have done a shot with them, because Lisa was begging me to drink alcohol. Actually, I did owe it to her, since she asked me to do a shot with her on my birthday in October, but Brittany said I couldn’t, since (a) I had work to get done that night and the next morning, and (b) I had to drive back to Russell the next day. 

Eventually, I settled on a black cherry moijito. It was delicious. I hadn’t drank an alcoholic beverage in four years, but I’m so big, it probably wouldn’t affect me that much. 

It’s been five hours now, and I feel pretty good. I’ll be careful going back to Overland Park, though. 

The one alcholic beverage I’ve wanted to try is, strangely enough, Kahlua. I love the Kahlua cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, and I would like to try a coffee flavored liquer. Maybe some day. 

I had a great night at The Pulse–following a fiasco with the first question, which was on Buzztime, not me. 

The first question asked which team did Wisconsin beat last Saturday to advance to the Final Four. Of course, that was Arizona. However, the computer said it was North Carolina, whom the Badgers defeated in the Sweet 16 last Thursday. I got only 244 on the second question, but got rolling after that.

My tally of 27,256 was enough to vault me to #1 nationally. First time that’s happened since September, but the 10th time in the last calendar year. Ironically, my first national #1 in The Pulse came almost exactly one year ago, March 31, 2014. 

I’m going to get out of here shortly. Got food waiting at Outback in Overland Park, and then I want to get some Kahlua (what else?) cheesecake. It’s been fun. 

Got to get some work done tomorrow, and then back to B-Dubs for one more go. I think my dad will be discharged Wednesday, so it looks like I’ll be going back to Russell with my parents. Knew it was coming. 

Sunday winding down

Seven and a half hours on a Sunday is plenty of time to spend at Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m about ready to head back to Overland Park.

It has been a fine day. Got to see Liz, Tori and Braidey, all of whom loved my floral shirt. I didn’t overeat and I had a great time playing trivia. 

The second round (round of 32) is down to one full game, Northern Iowa-Louisville. Wisconsin is about to put away Oregon and advance to the West regional semifinals Thursday at Los Angeles. 

The winner of the UNI-Louisville game is in good shape. It gets North Carolina State, fresh off of its upset of top seed Villanova, in the East Region semis Friday in Syracuse. The Wolfpack are dangerous and could be on a Cinderella run reminisicent of 1983, but NC State may also have shot its wad agianst Villanova and be vulnerable. 

Getting ready to head south. This will be a relaxing drive. Got a little work to do in the morning, but nothing too daunting. I should be able to make it back to B-Dubs in good time to see Lisa behind the bar tomorrow. Tori is back tomorrow night.