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Adios to the OP–for now

The time has almost come for me to leave the Overland Park Marriott once again. If I stay in Kansas City tonight, I figure I’ll stay one night at a hotel near Zona Rosa and then go home for good tomorrow. Lisa may want to keep me at Buffalo Wild Wings for a long time, since this is it before I start the new school year, at least as far as sports is concerned.

It’s been one of those up and down trips. The down was taking out my frustrations on Liz and getting angry at those two guys Tuesday. The highs came from getting doused with ice water and reconnecting with so many people from Arabi Park via Facebook.

I’ve made two more reconnections in the last 24 hours, Christi Rehage (Alvarez) and Andree Dauterive (Addison), Stacie’s sister who was two years behind us at Arabi Park.

I’ve got an errand or two to run in Overland Park before going north. I promised Lisa I would get her Abita beer since Brittany Davidson loved it so much. There’s a store in OP near the Marriott which has more flavors than the selection at Hy-Vee, which wasn’t bad.

I’m hoping against hope to squeeze in a Saturday trek to KC to watch college football. We’ll see. Next post will be from Buffalo Wild Wings once I get set up.

A very, very long day

Whew. I’m beat. Finally back at the Overland Park Marriott, and it’s now Friday. Thursday featured:

  • Numerous episodes of One Tree Hill on DVD
  • A five and a half hour drive (by design)
  • Dozing off after enjoying the good food in the hotel’s concierge lounge
  • A terrible overreaction
  • A visit to my favorite Buffalo Wild Wings at the opposite end of Kansas City, one which started terribly and ended much better

I have been watching a lot of One Tree Hill for the last week. I watched seasons five, six and seven through Tuesday, then got into season eight Wednesday and the wee hours Thursday. I couldn’t complete it, but thankfully, I found seasons eight and nine on my long-lost Flixter account.

How I got hooked on One Tree Hill is another story for another post.  In fact, I could write a whole chapter of a book about my likes and dislikes from that show. HINT: Brooke was not my favorite female.

I can normally get from my house in Russell to the Overland Park Marriott in under four hours. But since I wasn’t going to make it to Kansas City in time to find a place to watch the USA-Germany World Cup match, I figured I might as well avoid the incredibly boring Salina to Topeka stretch on Interstate 70, even if it was well out of my way.  The Kansas Turnpike doesn’t have much to view, either, but I don’t take it nearly as often as I do I-70, and thus I don’t get nearly as tired traversing the toll road.

I’m not big on hotel food, but the fare in the concierge lounge this evening–pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and beef vegetbale soup–was outstanding. Best I’ve ever had at the Overland Park Marriott. The food at the Kansas City Airport Marriott’s concierge lounge was always awesome, but I can’t stay there anymore.

Let’s just say I made a very wise move visiting Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. Got to see some lovely ladies and gentle men, and played a lot of trivia. I promised I had to come back later today.

There’s a comfortable king sized bed with my name on it. Have a good night. And a pleasant later today.