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Phew, yuck, brrr!

One scare and one lesson learned yesterday.

The scare: I thought I forgot the AC adapter for my CPAP machine back in Russell. The dread hit me just after the Brookville exit on Interstate 70, 13 miles west of Salina. I decided I would stop in Salina and if it weren’t there, I’d either have to drive back to Russell or just go without it.

Fortunately, it was there. It hit me at Interstate 135 that when I checked the top of my chest next to my bed, there was nothing on top where the CPAP usually is. Sure enough, it was there. Relieved.

FYI, only one Popeye’s in Salina–the new one on Ohio south of Crawford–sells onion rings. The older one off I-70 in the travel plaza doesn’t. If Popeye’s doesn’t have onion rings, Foots won’t eat at a particular Popeye’s. Simple.

The lesson: try to not use dish soap to wash out plastic drinking implements if you can.

After arriving in Kansas City, I stopped at the QuikTrip in Riverside for a drink. I noticed a terrible aftertaste to my pop.

I deduced soap had seeped into the mug. I was pretty grossed out by the aftertaste. Had to do all I could not to throw up.

I stopped at another QuikTrip in Overland Park and bought a new mug, since it was only $6. I left the old mug in a corner outside the entrance, so if someone wanted it, they could have it. Good luck trying to get the dish soap aftertaste out.

Discovery: ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants are awesome.

I tried one at Taco Bell in North Kansas City last night after my mobile order didn’t go through. I was mighty impressed. Order completely accurate. Other perks: not holding up the line at the counter trying to decide what you want, easier to customize, and easy payment. The Wendy’s a block east of that Taco Bell also has kiosks.

It is brutally cold in Kansas City this morning. Currently minus-16 Celsius (3 Fahrenheit) with a wind chill of minus-22 Celsius (-8 Fahrenheit). I hope my car will start, because i have an 0845 appointment in Liberty.

The Saints were shafted!

Tough part of Tuesday over

The hard part of the day is over. Now it’s time relax and get ready for some basketball.

I couldn’t quite get myself going this morning. Slept on and off, but I still had my work done for Phillipsburg by 8:45, so they couldn’t complain. I got Plainville done next ahead of Smith Center since Candace Rachel wanted to try to get done early and go to Plainville’s basketball games in Claflin. I don’t know if he shot it done in time, but I tried to do my part.

I had Smith Center wrapped at 2:30 and Ellis an hour later. Elaine Mercer tried getting in touch with me around 4, but I was in the bathroom getting myself ready. I didn’t heart he pone ring, but I finally saw the missed call. Everything turned out okay.

The good news is I had only a short drive from the hotel to Sacred Heart. It actually took me longer to wait in the drive thru line at Taco Bell to pick up a snack than it did to drive from NInth and Schilling to the school on East Claflin.

As I drove over, I got a look at the construction in Kansas Wesleyan’s football stadium. The turf is down and it looks great. It will be a major upgrade over the old Glen Martin Stadium, where the field was not very good. Russell doesn’t play Sacred Heart next season, so the earliest the Broncos will return is 2016, although it’s more likely for 2017. Besides, it won’t be any big thrill for the Broncos, since they already play on turf at home, and will do so on the road too in 2015 at TMP-Marian, which uses Fort Hays State’s Lewis Field Stadium.

The Russell-Sacred Heart boys game should be one-sided. The Knights blew away the Broncos in Russell in December, and Sacred Heart is playing even better now, as evidenced by a victory at previously undefeated Beloit two weeks ago. The girls game should go in Russell’s favor, but the Lady Broncos have been inconsistent at times. They haven’t won three in a row all year, so that needs to change.

I guess I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings after the game. I promised Krystine, the manager who has taken a liking to me, I would come back. I had the buffalo mac and cheese there last night. Awesome.

I finished fifth nationally in Buzztime’s The Pulse, but less than 400 points out of first. Not bad. I also own all 10 high scores this month for Countdown. As much as I like the Salina location, I can’t help but miss Kansas City and everyone there.

Between volleyball

The rest of Tuesday wasn’t bad, considering what I had been through Monday night.

I enjoyed my night at the volleyball matches at Victoria, since I got to see Allan Dunnavan and Greg Hobelmann from Smith Center. They’re good people and I always enjoy their company. ┬áSmith Center won both of its matches over Ellis and Victoria. The Railers won the first match vs. the host Knights, who are struggling this season at 1-10. I have another volleyball match tomorrow at Phillipsburg, which hosts McCook, Neb. It will be a best-of-five varsity match, since the teams are only playing once.

I don’t know why, but I had a hankering for Taco Bell yesterday. I stopped at the TB on Barry Road after leaving Buffalo Wild Wings Monday night, and I made THREE stops Tuesday–Topeka and Junction City on the way back to Russell, and then Hays after the volleyball matches. I love the Baja Blast Mountain Dew and the Doritos Locos Tacos, which I got every time I stopped. There was a brief period earlier this year the Baja Blast Dew was available in 20-ounce bottles at Walmart, but they aren’t now, and the only way you can get it is at Taco Bell restaurants. I also┬áNachos Bell Grande in KC and Hays, but not on the road Tuesday, because I didn’t think I could eat the nachos while driving.

I had a lot of work to do today, writing and picking out pictures for the Russell County News. Fortunately, everything was done by 3 p.m., and I have a little time to relax before going out tomorrow. The good news is the trip to Phillipsburg means I have to go through Hays, meaning more chances to stop at Taco Bell for Baja Blast.

I can’t stay awake. I fell asleep from 6;45 to 8:30.