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Reduced to binging

My life has pretty much been in stasis since leaving St. Louis the morning of 18 May. There have been appointments with Crista, including my first in person since 2 March, the trip to Hutchinson and Wichita, and last Friday, an excursion to Salina just to do something different.

I was hoping for another trip to Missouri this month, but something happened which made it impractical. I’m not in the mood to go into it. The hot weather made the decision to cancel a little easier.

I have been reduced to binging on two of my favorite television series, Monk and The O.C.

I went through the eight seasons of Monk in three weeks. There was a time where I loved Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard, who turned 54 today) and I disliked Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). When I first acquired the entire series on DVD, I started watching from the first Natalie episode, but eventually, I went all the way back get the full story of how Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) lost his job as a San Francisco Police Department detective, then returned to the good graces of Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutenant Randy Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford).

As I watched the Sharona episodes (the pilot through the ninth episode of season 3), I grew to appreciate both Sharona and Bitty, who portrayed Rockford Peaches right fielder Evelyn Gardner in A League of Their Own. Schram’s character was on the receiving end of the infamous line uttered by Tom Hanks’ Jimmy Dugan, “THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!”

I began watching Monk on USA during the fifth season, which was my first summer in Kansas following Hurricane Katrina. I fell off the wagon near the end of the series, largely because new episodes aired on Friday nights when I was on the road covering athletic events. The DVDs got me back on the wagon, and now I can recall lines from many episodes.

In April, Jimmy Kimmel brought together Shalhoub, Howard, Levine and Gray-Stanford for a Zoom videoconference where they were in character from Monk. Adrian tells Randy he was down to his last 12 cases of wipes. Randy says Adrian is hoarding, but Adrian replies it’s not hoarding if he bought them 20 years ago. Natalie mentions she tested positive for COVID-19. It was nice to see them together again, but I wish Schram, Hector Elizondo (Dr. Neven Bell, Monk’s second therapist) and Emmy Clarke (Julie Teeger, Natalie’s incredibly intelligent and talented daughter) would have also appeared.

I didn’t watch The O.C. during its four seasons on FOX (the first two seasons aired while I was still in Louisiana; the third season premiered one week after I arrived in Russell). I began to watch The O.C. in the summer of 2009 when it aired daily on the now-defunct Soap Opera Network (SoapNET) along with One Tree Hill.

The only main actor from The O.C. I have watched regularly since the show ended is Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen), who appeared as Arthur Larson on Covert Affairs and William Dodds on Law & Order: SVU. Peter is tremendously talented as both an actor and singer, and it’s a travesty he hasn’t had a leading role in a major motion picture since Sex, Lies and Videotape in 1989.

Since I first watched The O.C., I’ve had a huge crush on Kelly Rowan, who portrayed Kirsten (Nichol) Cohen. Kelly was born in Ottawa (the capital of Canada, not the one where Caitlyn goes to college) and was mostly an unknown, like the rest of the stars of the show excluding Gallagher. Kelly played her part flawlessly and with tremendous emotion and energy, and it’s a shame she hasn’t had another starring role either on TV or movies. If Kelly is a Senators fan, I’ll forgive her.

Three future leads of Pretty Little Liars–Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Janel Parrish–had guest appearances on The O.C. Benson and Parrish appeared in the same episode where Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland) throws a rager at Neil Roberts’ (Michael Nouri) mansion that is crashed by Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Seth (Adam Brody), who go looking for their girlfriends, Taylor (Autumn Reeser) and Summer (Rachel Bilson).

I picked up One Tree Hill on the CW and watched the last three seasons as they unfolded. The last three seasons were missing something big without Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton Sawyer Scott (Hilarie Burton), but Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James-Scott) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) kept it going strong. Shantel Van Santen (Quinn James) was a great addition for the last three years, although many didn’t like her.

OTH is now on Hulu, not to mention I have all nine seasons on DVD, so I’m guessing it will be on my binge list soon.

The other two shows where I have seen every episode are The Brady Bunch and Law & Order: SVU.

Time to call it a night.

Tiger won! Not really, but some would have you believe otherwise

Did Brooks Koepka win the PGA Championship? I couldn’t tell. By the homepage of,, and many newspapers, Tiger Woods won, even though the scoreboard I checked showed Woods two shots behind Koepka.

The drooling love affair with Eldrick Woods has gone on since the weekend of April 10-13, 1997, when he won The Masters, the first of his 14 major championships. When Tiger was forced off the course by injury following the 2008 U.S. Open, and again by various injuries earlier this decade, fans on message boards bitched and moaned and said they would not watch golf until Tiger was playing again.

It’s not as if golf is going to die without Eldrick Woods. Koepka has won three of the last six majors. Jordan Spieth is only a PGA away from the career grand slam, and Rory McIlroy will wrap it up if he wins The Masters. Dustin Johnson is the top ranked player in the world, with Justin Thomas a close second. Phil Mickelson is still chasing the career slam, needing the U.S. Open.

There are a lot more marketable players out there today than there were 50 years ago, when it was Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and a whole lot of good but not great players who really didn’t move the needle. Lee Trevino took Palmer’s place among the big names in the late 1960s, and once Player and Nicklaus passed their prime, it was wide open, even though nobody had the star power that the Golden Bear and Arnie had.

People were scalping tickets for as much as $2,000 in St. Louis for Sunday’s final round at the PGA. That’s enough to buy season tickets for the Cardinals or Blues. Kopeka and Adam Scott were the final pairing, and both played with far smaller galleries than what Woods and Gary Woodland did.

Eldrick is part of a cadre of athletes American media drools over. The others are Serena Williams, LeBron and Tom Brady. Baseball doesn’t have a specific athlete, but the Red Sox and Yankees get all the headlines, with the Cubs getting them to a lesser extent. The NHL has not had that problem as much, although the national media couldn’t stop peeing in their pants about the Vega$ Golden Knight$.

I don’t watch very much golf, simply because I’ve had enough of Mr. Woods. I don’t watch any tennis. Haven’t since the late 1980s. I’m sick of the Williams sisters on the women’s side, and the men’s side is the same people over and over and over: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic. The NFL holds little appeal these days, at least the AFC does. And don’t get me started on the NBA.

In sports I actually watch, Liverpool flexed its muscles Sunday by thrashing West Ham 4-0 at Anfield. The Reds appear to be well-positioned to be Manchester City’s chief challenger for the Premier League championship. City opened with a 2-0 victory at Arsenal, ruining Unai Emery’s first match as manager of the Gunners. I didn’t watch the Liverpool match, simply because I knew West Ham had zero chance. I instead streamed Southampton-Burnley, which ended 0-0 at St. Mary’s.

Now there are no Premier League matches until Saturday morning. I’m stuck between bad MLB and NFL exhibitions until then if I want to watch live sports. Of course, there’s the Little League World Series, which I absolutely refuse to watch because of the “mandatory play” rule.

I’m now on to season three of The O.C. UGH. I hated season three, simply because there were so many characters whom I despised: Dean Hess, Charlotte Morgan, Taylor Townsend (the evil version; she makes a 180 in season four), Veronica Townsend (god I love Paula Trickey, but Veronica was downright mean, which shows Trickey is a tremendous actress), the scuzzy loan sharks who beat up Jimmy Cooper, Johnny Harper, Casey, Seung-Ho (the sexually obsessive boyfriend of the equally sexually obsessive Taylor) , the “Harbor  Heckler” (an unnamed character who is so cruel to Seth and Taylor that I want to climb through the screen and squeeze his testicles until they pop, then go Lorena Bobbitt on his penis) and of course, Kevin Volchok and all of the lowlife scum associated with him, particularly Heather, the evil bitch who does all she can to make Marissa’s life a living hell at Newport Union.

Then again, I wish Volchok would have found the heckler and beat the living crap out of him. If it were possible to hate a character more than Volchok and Oliver Trask, the heckler was that character. He and Felix Tagarro from One Tree Hill always make me extremely nauseous.

The only bright spot I could think of that season was Dawn Atwood (Daphne Ashbrook) putting her life back together. Josh Schwartz and the rest of The O.C.‘s production staff should have brought Dawn back in season four so she could rescue Ryan from his deep depression caused by Marissa’s murder.

Not to say season three was 100 percent bad. Just saw the scene where Seth scratches his face with his middle finger, flipping off Taylor. Priceless.

English football fever

The third day of the 2018-19 Premier League campaign is only hours away.

Liverpool hosts West Ham and Burnley visits Southampton at 0730 Central (1330 British Summer time), while Manchester City kicks off its title defense at Arsenal, which plays its first match under new manager Unai Emery. That fixture starts at 1000 Central (1600 BST).

Very few surprises the first two days. The only draw was an exciting 2-2 fixture at Molineux between Wolverhampton, playing its first Premier League match in six years, and Everton, which had to play the final 50 minutes down a man after Phil Jagielka was shown a red card, the first of the new campaign.

I didn’t wake up early enough to catch the Newcastle-Tottenham match. Spurs won 2-1. I watched the Huddersfield-Chelsea match until the Blues scored the first goal; at that point, I figured the Terriers were toast. Indeed, Chelsea rolled 3-0.

I bought the NBC Sports Gold package so I can watch all the Premier League matches which are not televised. My first online match was Bournemouth hosting Cardiff City, with the Cherries winning 2-0 at home over the newly promoted Welsh side.

The other 0900 Central matches were also 2-0. Crystal Palace won at London rival Fulham, spoiling the Cottagers’ return to the top flight after a four-year absence, while Watford, whom I pegged for relegation in my predictions, bested Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0 at Vicarage Road.

Manchester United bested my Leicester City Foxes 2-1 at Old Trafford Friday evening (in Britain; late afternoon here in Kansas). The Foxes were done in by a very early handball (three minutes in) which gave the Red Devils a penalty kick that was converted by Paul Pogba, who played for France’s World Cup championship team earlier this summer. Jamie Vardy did put Leicester on the board in second half stoppage time, but it couldn’t prevent Leicester from falling to 2-7-16 all-time vs. United.

I did two B-52 shots this evening. I don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow.

There are only two “exhibition games” taking place tonight in the NFL, Minnesota at Denver and the Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona. Don’t ask me who’s winning. I don’t care. Remember, the 2008 Lions and 2017 Browns each went undefeated in exhibition games…and winless in games which counted.

The epic showdown between the Orioles and Royals in Kansas City is on the horizon. Baltimore may already have 100 losses.

I’m watching The O.C. all over again. Last Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of its premiere. Right now I’m finishing the episode where there was a rainstorm (“The Rainy Day Women”), where Seth (Adam Brody) gets hung up on the roof attempting to fix the satellite dish at the Cohen mansion; Summer (Rachel Bilson) comes looking for him and they kiss. It’s the final appearance of Lindsay Gardner (Shannon Lucio) and Rebecca Bloom (Kim Delaney), and the beginning of the end of the relationship between Marissa (Mischa Barton) and Alex (Olivia Wilde).

The 15th anniversary of the debut of One Tree Hill is Sept. 23. I will probably have to go through that series all over again, but it will take a lot longer. I will need some valium, or at least four B-52 shots, to get through the episodes with that piece of fecal matter Felix.

As Genesis sang in 1983, that’s all.

Ending a long silence, take 32

I haven’t posted anything in too long. I had something terrible happen to me the afternoon of August 10, about five hours after I arrived at home following my latest trip to Kansas City. The drive from Kansas City to Russell was smooth, but after that, my life descended into deep hell.

I cried almost all throughout my session with Crista the next day. My eyes were red as, ironically, I stopped in at Dr. Jones’ office to pick up my contact lenses and get a pair of reading glasses, because I’ve been having trouble seeing small print up close. The reading glasses have helped, but I still made an appointment for this coming Thursday, the 25th, to check out my prescription.

I went off my sleep machine for a couple of nights. I was going to go off my meds, too, but Dr. Custer kicked my tail a bit when I saw her the day after my appointment with Crista. I agreed for her to go back on my meds and sleep machine.

Now I have a problem with the sleep machine. Not the machine itself, but the mask. There are way too many straps to keep up with. I am seriously considering a full face mask. The nasal mask is nice, but I might feel better with a different one. My health insurance will pay for it.

I had another session with Crista this past Wednesday. Told her I’m scared about what might be coming, but she also told me that I needed to see Catilyn play her first match on the 30th. Norton’s home playing Hill City and Ellis, which is good for me, since I will get to see someone else I don’t see enough, Linda Nighswonger, who coaches the Ringnecks. I also need to see Peggy, obviously.

Dawn Amos’ birthday was last Sunday. I feel bad I couldn’t go to Kansas City to see her. I promised Robb I would come back soon, hopefully next week. I can’t go Thursday due to my appointments, but Tuesday is a possibility. I won’t be able to on Tuesdays until late October if I want to see Caitlyn play.

Speaking of birthdays, a very important one is next Friday. I’ll explain in an upcoming post.

I’ve been watching The O.C. way too much. Today is a very good day to be watching, as the man who gave us Sandy Cohen, Peter Gallagher, turns 61. He looks fabulous. Hard to believe yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of the nationwide premiere of Sex. Lies and Videotape, which starred Gallagher, Andie MacDowell, Laura San Giacomo and James Spader. The movie was shot in Baton Rouge in late 1988, a year after another film, Everybody’s All-American, was filmed in Louisiana’s capital.

Today, Baton Rouge is a real-life horror movie. Most of the city and surrounding area is reeling from devastating floods which have left 13 dead and tens of thousands homeless. It will go down as one of the worst non-hurricane natural disasters in Louisiana’s history.

Livingston Parish, east of Baton Rouge along Interstate 12, was hit much worse than the big city. Denham Springs, the largest community in Livingston, was swamped. Schools in Denham Springs won’t open until at least late September, and Denham Springs High may be closed until mid-October. I once covered a basketball game there. The hometown Yellow Jackets bombed Baton Rouge Catholic 85-59, shooting 60 percent from the field.

Another place I’m familiar with which was badly flooded was St. Amant, a tight-knit community in southeastern Ascension Parish, about 40 minutes south of where I used to live in Baton Rouge. I saw an aerial photo of St. Amant High, and it was completely underwater. The Pit, the football stadium at St. Amant Primary, fared no better. I spent many a Friday night at The Pit, including one where O. Perry Walker of New Orleans gained 707 yards and LOST. Twenty-one penalties for 182 yards and a defense which gave up 51 points will do that.

I am sick and tired of the Olympics. SICK AND TIRED. Come Monday morning, the world will be a better place. No more Olympics until the 2018 Winter Games, and no more summer crap until 2020. And hopefully Ryan Lochte and his pals will never be heard from again.

The O.C. at 11

NOTE: This post will be expanded later. 

Eleven years ago tonight, The O.C. premiered on Fox. I wasn’t watching. However, I have now become addicted to that show, so much so that I’ll often travel with my DVD collection so I can watch in my hotel room if nothing in particular interests me on television. I used to use another laptop and play it through the DVD player on the machine, but now that I have a Blu-Ray, it’s easy to plug in the HDMI cable.

I first started watching The O.C. by accident. I was watching SoapNet in the summer of 2009 for reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, and The O.C. happened to come on with back-to-back episodes at noon and 1 p.m. Rather than turn the channel, I just stayed with it, and then with One Tree Hill at 2 and 3. That was the summer I was recuperating from the kidney stone and urinary tract infection which sent me to the ER at St. Luke’s Northland in Kansas City, so I was spending lots of time at home.

By the end of 2009, I had The O.C. DVD collector’s set, and I was watching as much as possible. I pretty much knew every character’s story by heart, and I knew a lot more about the actors on the show, especially Peter Gallagher, who played the iconic father/public defender/moral center, Sandy Cohen.

I found out Peter starred in sex, lies and videotape, a 1989 classic which made a star out of Andie MacDowell. The movie was shot in Baton Rouge, where of course I went to school at LSU and lived for a time after graduation.

Peter is also a talented singer, and he showed that off during a season two episode when Sandy serenaded Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) at an anniversary party. His daughter, Megan, appears on her way to singing stardom as well.

Sandy Cohen is the type of father every boy and girl would wish for, and every man a lady would want to marry. He was morally centered, but he would go out of his way to do anything for those he cared about most. He hardly lost his temper at his family, and never would dream of resorting to physical harm. He set firm rules for Seth and Ryan, but he let them have their freedom and learn life’s lessons on their own. His marriage to Kirsten had its rocky moments, especially when old flame Rebecca Bloom reappeared in season two, but Sandy took his vows seriously, no matter how much father-in-law Caleb Nichol belittled him and considered him unworthy of marrying his daughter.

The character would not have worked without the right actor, and Peter brought so much to the table. It’s shame he wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for playing Sandy. He is worthy of such accolades. I hope his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is coming.

Good looking dude

The FIFA World Cup final is scoreless with only three minutes remaining in regulation. Barring a late rush, Germany and Argentina are heading for 30 minutes of extra time, which would mark the fourth time since 1994 the championship match of the world’s most watched sporting event–sorry, Olympics; no dice, Super Bowl–will be heading to at least extra time. Two of the previous three matches to reach extra time, Brazil-Italy in 1994 and Italy-France in 2006, went to the shootout. In 2010, Spain scored in extra time to oust the Netherlands.

A few minutes ago, ESPN’s cameras showed German manager Joachim Low. He looks mighty dapper in his navy blue or black button-down shirt and grey slacks, a departure from the wardrobe of many managers, who wear a suit or a sportcoat and tie on the sideline, the tradition in the NBA and NHL. American manager Jurgen Kilnsmann has adopted the American football coaching standard of a polo shirt and khaki pants. Of course, nobody would dare wear a uniform. It would look silly in almost any sport, but in baseball, it would seem out of place if a coach DIDN”T wear a uniform.

Low is a doppelganger for the legendary actor and singer Peter Gallagher, who gained fame with the younger generation beginning in August 2003 when The O.C. premiered. Gallagher played the legendary Sandy Cohen, the morally grounded public defender who took in Ryan Atwood, the troubled young man from Chino who happened to be a client when Ryan and older brother Trey were arrested for grand theft auto in the series premiere.  Gallagher is a native New Yorker, and Cohen was portrayed as growing up in the Bronx, but whereas Cohen was Jewish, Gallagher is Catholic. Strangely enough, I happen to be going through my annual summer review of The O.C. right now, although I’ve paused for the World Cup final, and I have once again enjoyed watching Gallagher do his thing as Sandy. And let’s not forget the other actors on The O.C., especially Ben McKenzie as Ryan and my personal favorite, Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen. As much as I liked One Tree Hill, I wonder what might have been had One Tree Hill ended after high school and The O.C. gone on.

Of the actors on The O.C., three have gone on to other well-known series: Gallagher in Covert Affairs, McKenzie in Southland, and Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie. By contrast, only one OTH alum has been a series regular, Sophia Bush in Chicago P.D., although Hilarie Burton had a memorable turn on White Collar. Bethany Joy Lenz, where are you?

Extra time is underway in Rio de Janeiro. I’ll stop for now.

Dull days

The Brewers lost again but are still leading the NL Central. LeBron James has not decided where he will play basketball in 2014-15. I’m still in the basement at 1224 North Brooks, Russell, Kansas, watching my DVD collection of The O.C.

In short, nothing doing.

I haven’t left the homestead since I got home Tuesday evening. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, since I’m not wasting gas, nor am I wasting money, although i had to order my Jack Black face wash and face scrub from Dillard’s today. At least I’m not adding to my Discover card, which is my main credit card.

The Brewers are hitting the skids at precisely the wrong time. The Phillies, one of the worst teams in the National League, came to Milwaukee and swept a four-game series, the first time the Phils have left Wisconsin with a sweep (remember, the Brewers have only been in the NL since 1998, and interleague play didn’t come along until 1997). If this had happened while Philadelphia was in the midst of its strong run, highlighted by the 2008 World Series championship, fine. But this Phillies team? Give me a break.

The Cardinals are now two games back and go to Milwaukee for a three-game series this weekend. However, the Cardinals have their own issues, as All-Star catcher Yadier Molina is now out at least eight weeks due to a torn ligament in his right thumb. St. Louis has also had trouble scoring all year, so who knows? But the NL Central is now a four-horse race, with everyone except the Cubs jockeying for position.

I have passed the first eight episodes of the second season of The O.C., which are among my least favorite of the series. I could not stand D.J., the yard maintenance man at Caleb Nichol’s mansion who has a sexual relationship with Marissa while Ryan goes back to Chino to be with Theresa. This is also the period where Ryan begins a relationship with the annoying Lindsay Gardner, who turns out to be Caleb’s love child, making her Kirsten’s half-sister. Seth is trying to make Summer jealous by dating the older, edgy Alex Kelly, but Summer doesn’t care, because she’s dating the seemingly perfect Zach Stevens. Seth Cohen could be a real dick at times, and he was while Summer was dating Zach. It was painful to watch.

Ryan and Lindsay were just as painful to endure. When Lindsay decided to move to Chicago after it was revealed Caleb was indeed her biological father, I was not shedding any tears.

I could write a few entries on The O.C., but I won’t bore you with it right now. I will get around to it. Just to let you know, as was the case with the first six seasons of One Tree Hill, I did not watch the series when it first aired. It took reruns on SoapNet during the summer of 2009 to hook me. And boy, I became hooked.

Feeling ponderous

Once I got up and around, Wednesday turned out to be pretty good.

The car service was routine, although the technician told me I would need new tires by the end of this year. I told him I would probably be back in September or October. I’m thinking no later than October 10.

I thought about making a diversion before going to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I ended up instead going straight there, arriving just before 2. Good decision. Got to spend the early part of the day talking with a lot of the staff I know, since it was pretty quiet in there. In fact, it got so quiet that by 4 p.m., I was the only person sitting in the dining area. There were a few more people on the bar side. It picked up later, but there was never a time where people had to wait. I expected it to be quiet today because (a) there were no World Cup matches played; today was an off day and (b) the Royals played at noon in Minnesota. The sports fare tonight was pretty weak, because there were three other Major League games (Brewers-Blue Jays, Reds-Padres, Indians-Dodgers) which were played in the afternoon.

Liz had the day off, but a few of my other favorites were there. One in particular, Brittany, really likes me. She hugs me every time she sees me, which I really appreciate. Made my day today.

The food tonight was awesome. I had two of Buffalo Wild Wings’ new menu items, the marghertia flatbread and the chicken street tacos, which have southwest ranch, pico de gallo and cilantro. I ordered my tacos tonight with extra cilantro. Caleb Nichol, the cantankerous father of Kirsten Cohen on The O.C., hated cilantro.

Alan Dale, who portrayed Caleb, is a tremendous actor. He really did a great job with the character for two seasons. He and the actress who played Kirsten, Kelly Rowan, are not from the United States. Dale is from New Zealand, and Rowan is from Ottawa. The third foreigner in the cast was Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper), who is a native Brit.

Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen) and Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood) are from New York City and Austin, respectively. The only member of The O.C. cast who grew up in the Los Angeles area was Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper), who is from Dana Point. Rachel Bilson, who portrayed the iconic Summer Roberts, is from San Diego.

Coincidentally, the actress who plays Peter Gallagher’s wife on his current show, Covert Affairs, is also a Canadian. Kari Matchett is a proud native of Saskatchewan.

Enough about The O.C.  At least for this post, anyway.

I was challenged a few times playing Buzztime today, but nothing really serious until the very last game. I was behind for only one question TOTAL in nine rounds of Countdown, the 15-question general trivia game which is played in 30-minute blocks. I didn’t have a spectacular score, but quite a few over 11,000 and 12,000, still pretty darn good.

I was waiting for 7 p.m., because that’s when one of my favorite Buzztime games, Six, was played. Six refers to the number of categories: science, geography, TV/movies, arts/music, history and sports/games.  I was challenged by ENICK, a regular who had a pretty high Countdown score Saturday night after I left for the hotel, but tonight, it wasn’t close. I ended up with over 54,000, which is my fourth best score all-time for Six, and third in the past 12 months at Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa. My highest Six score of all-time, 62,384, was posted at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Derby, which is south of Wichita, last September. It ended up being #2 in the nation that evening. One of the ladies playing against me was amazed and told me so.

The only game I ended up not winning is Lexitopia, which is played Wednesdays at 8:15. It’s 10 questions about esoteric words. Nobody will know I didn’t win, because the person who beat me is not registered with the Buzztime website, meaning his score only counts in his mind and on the leaderboard for the location only. Nobody else looking, including RONDO, will know I didn’t win unless they read my blog.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Kansas City, at least for this time. I’m heading back to Russell on Friday to eat Fourth of July lunch with my parents at the home. I’ve really enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings and all the people there, but I can’t wait to get home and eat my mother’s cooking and good sandwiches. I’m smuggling at least four loaves of the sourdough bread from the Kansas City Bread Company back to the west, because it’s the best bread I”ve ever had. I can eat regular wheat okay, but I really prefer sourd0ough and rye.

I just realized I have to find a Buffalo Wild Wings Monday. Since I got the national high score on Buzztime’s The Pulse Monday, my achievement will be displayed following the first question next Monday.