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First Friday of 2015–last free one for a whille

The lines at the Hy-Vee at 95th and Antioch were long at 1:15 p.m. Guess everyone is out doing their weekly shopping, or in some cases, stocking up for the winter storm which is supposed to hit tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t, although if it does, I’m in a nice hotel with a full-service restaurant. Plus, I bought some sushi just in case I am stuck. I’ve got enough pop to make it through the week.

I’m going to have to horde some sushi before I go back to Russell. I doubt Dillon’s in Salina has it (the Dillon’s at 21st and Central in Wichita does), but it wouldn’t hurt to look.

I made it back to Buffalo Wild Wings a few minutes before 2. I sat in a booth in the dining room so Lisa could serve me. I was dozing off in the booth, which was very comfortable in comparison to the hard barstool I’ve been sitting on the last two days. Lisa didn’t get off until 12:30 this morning, and now will be working doubles back-to-back days. Plus, she’s battling a cough. Feel for her.

Well, I’m back on a barstool with Tori and Brittany behind the bar. I was so glad to see Alexandra Mullinax, whom I had not seen here in over two months, although I did see her for a minute when I visited in early December.

I’m going to watch Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl vs. UCLA, but after that, I probably had better cut out, because there could be freezing rain overnight, which could glaze the roads.

Tennessee is beating the pee out of Iowa in the TaxSlayer Bowl, formerly the Gator Bowl. A 6-6 beating a 7-5. WHOOOPEEE. Same thing earlier today, where 7-5 Houston beat 6-6 Pitt in the Armed Forces Bowl. In fact, of the four bowl games today, only K-State-UCLA is the only one where the teams don’t have at least five losses (both are 9-3).

Just another Thursday

New Year’s Day has basically been just like another Thursday when I’m in Kansas City. Not a bad thing.

After packing up my room at the Courtyard Marriott, I headed south to spend a couple of hours with Tori at the bar, but didn’t order food. Wasn’t feeling up to it.

Left a little after 1 for the Overland Park Marriott. I actually took a short nap in my car before going to check in, thinking my room would not be ready. However, the ladies at the front desk were waiting for me with my keys.

Spent almost an hour in the room, getting things set up and checking on a few things on the computer.

Took US 71 north from I-435 to I-29 for the trip back to Buffalo Wild Wings. The way I figure, I’ll spend enough time on I-635 going back and forth, and with today being a good day to drive, why not take the more scenic route?

I’ve been at the bar ever since arriving. Tori was still working until Brittany got there at 4. Lisa arrived at 4:30, immediately churning my stomach and getting me quite nervous. She is working in the dining room tonight, a departure for her, because she usually works the tables in the bar area, or more recently, as bartender.

Liz got there at 5 and immediately brightened my mood. I let her see her birthday present, Ralph Lauren Romance perfume. She loved it. Last week, she told me she didn’t have any perfume. Now, she not only has the birthday gift, but the Big Pony I gave her for Christmas.

I stlll haven’t eaten. I guess I’m going to have to soon. Brittany is swamped, but I figured she would be. The poor guy next to me tried to order takeout, but THREE TIMES, they brought it to him as if he was going to eat it here.

Ending well

At least the last day of 2014 has been far better than the previous three days. No crying, no raised voice, and a therapeutic post which has things back on track with one of my closest friends.

I came to Buffalo Wild Wings just after opening today. Tori Weber was behind the bar, and was ecstatic I showed up. My food bill was less than $8, but I let her keep the rest of the $20 I gave her.

I left for a little while to pick up Liz’s birthday gift from Dillard’s at Zona Rosa. I also made a stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought Brittany’s fiance, Zach, a Royals Tervis Tumbler, since she was trying to use the Mizzou tumbler I bought her Monday. I also felt guilty I hadn’t gotten him anything for Christmas. He’s a good guy. He and Brittany are very happy together and will be for a very long time.

I wrote something to Liz on Facebook this evening. I told her she was one of the best friends I have ever had, one of the best friends anyone can ever ask for, and apologized for not trusting her, not believing much of the time that she wasn’t my friend, and assuming she didn’t have my back when she really did. She told me that we’ll be friends until we’re walking around with canes.

Made me feel much better. She’s made my life much better over the 18 months I’ve known her, and apparently, I’ve had the same effect on her. i never would have dreamed someone 17 years younger than me and living four hours away would have that kind of impact, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Brittany came in at 5. She was excited about the tumbler for Zach. She had her hair done for a New Year’s Eve party she and Zach were going to. It looked great.

I wrote something to Lisa on Facebook. It was a lot of the same things I wrote to Liz, only longer. I hope it works out. I would hate to see it end. However, if it does, I have nobody to blame but myself.

Brittany read it and loved it. She told me I’m always welcome and I need to keep coming back, because she loves it when I’m here. Very touching.

I was originally planning to leave at 8:30. I still might, but I might stay with Brittany until she gets off, just to be a good friend.

Tomorrow morning I have a decision to make: stay at the Courtyard and check out and stay at Overland Park for the remainder? I think the latter is the option, since it’s oly going to be $10 more per night. That, and I really want to try the Japanese steakhouse at the OP Marriott.