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Got out in the nick of time

My timing has usually been beyond pitiful during my 40 years, 5 months and 8 days on planet Earth, but yesterday, it was good.

I ventured to Overland Park, something I don’t do on every trip to Kansas City. I did it because I had a prescription at the Walgreens at the corner of Metcalf and 75th waiting for me. I forgot it in Russell, and I figured it would have to be refilled sooner or later, so I figured why not now. 

I also went further south in Overland Park, first to Bed, Bath and Beyond on 119th Street, all the way to 135th. There is a new Zaxby’s on that street, and I have had a hankering for the chicken finger place this trip. I went Saturday evening and twice Sunday in Liberty. 

Not only do I like Zaxby’s food, but the online ordering on the mobile app is awesome. Allows me to take my time and decide what I want, then skip the line when I get there. I love Zaxby’s mushrooms and toast. Makes a fine meal all by itself on a Friday during Lent, and any other Friday I want to avoid meat. 

As a side note, I’m seriously considering going back to the old Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on every Friday, not just Lenten Fridays. I don’t go to Mass, but that’s more of me being a little intimidated by crowds than not believing in the religion. I believe there is ONE TRUE FAITH. Sorry, Peggy. I figure not eating meat every Friday would be a way to make up for not going to Mass. Thank God I don’t live in Mississippi or Alabama (save the Gulf Coast areas of those states), where Catholics are very few and very far between. 

Back to yesterday.

The trip from 135th to get all the way back to Zona Rosa is a very taxing one. I had the option of continuing down 135th to I-35 in Olathe, but I decided to go back to US 69. That took me to I-35, then to I-635, and finally I-29 to where I needed to go. 

Less than two hours after I took the ramp from I-35 north to I-635, there was a fatal accident at that very location. That could have been me.

At 3:30 yesterday, a huge fire broke out in Overland Park near Johnson County Community College, on College Boulevard between Switzer and Nieman roads. An apartment complex which was being built was totally destroyed, and several houses in the area were also damaged. 

The fire went to eight alarms, and it dominated the evening news on all four stations in Kansas City. 

Fortunately, nobody died. Three firefighters were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, but fortunately, the injuries were nowhere near life-threatening. It could have been much, much worse. 

When I saw where the fire was, I immediately thought of Caitlyn. Of course, she was in school back in Norton, but she’s going to JCCC to play volleyball starting in August. I hope Peggy and Clark didn’t have designs on moving her into one of the apartments which burned.

I didn’t arrive at Buffalo Wild Wings until after 1. When I got there, eight men were siting in a row at the bar, drinking copious amounts of beer. They were still drinking when I departed at 5:55 for Minsky’s. Minsky’s was quiet, but that was good. 

Didn’t get here until almost 2 today. Nothing going on anyway. 

Back to Russell tomorrow at some point. Just what point is the question. I might have stayed another night had it not been for an important 9 am appointment Thursday in Hays. 

The next two weekends are good weekends to stay away from KC, although I might get bored. Hmm. 

Too much chicken

My name is David, and I am addicted to chicken fingers. There, I said it.

I fulfilled that addiction yesterday by going to TWO chicken finger establishments less than 12 hours apart.

The first stop was Iowa Street in Lawrence, 11 blocks south of the University of Kansas campus.

Yesterday marked the grand opening of the first Raising Cane’s in Kansas. Fittingly, it was in the home city of the state’s largest college, since Raising Cane’s has opened in many college cities during its 20 years. Of course, it was conceived in Baton Rouge, home to LSU, and has since expanded to Norman (Oklahoma), Lincoln (Nebraska), Fayetteville (Arkansas), Fort Collins (Colorado State), Columbus (THE Ohio State), amongĀ other places.

I arrived at Raising Cane’s just before 9 a.m., one hour before opening. There were already 30 people in line. The first 20 received free Cane’s for one year. I had to settle for a t-shirt and a free meal on a future visit. As nice as the free year of food would have been, it would have been impractical, considering I live 200 miles away. Still, it’s nice to have a Cane’s closer than Grand Island.

The next Raising Cane’s in the region opens May 24 at Blue Springs, 12 miles east of the Truman Sports Complex. Maybe I wait there for the free year of food.

I was surprised at how fast I got out of Cane’s after it opened. By 10:25, I was on the Kansas Turnpike, headed to Kansas City for a long day of trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Robb and Dawn showed up just before 4:30 and stayed until 6:30. I was glad I came to see them. They’re always amazed by the useless information I provide them with.

Dana Stephenson was bartending for the first time, taking the shift which had been formerly occupied by Stephanie Suggs, whose last day was last Friday. I ate 12 wings there.

When I was at Buffalo Wild Wings, I got some distressing messages from someone. Someone I didn’t expect to receive such messages from.

When I left Buffalo Wild Wings and checked into the Courtyard on Tiffany Springs Parkway, I decided I needed Zaxby’s. I didn’t need it, I just wanted it. So I ordered online, drove the long way to Parallel Parkway in KCK, and got my food.

I paid the price just before 10 a.m. Eyes bigger than the stomach. yet again.

I’m done with Zaxby’s, at least for this time around. I am not fighting the crowds which will be invading the Legends for the NASCAR race at Kansas Speedway Saturday night. I’m going to leave tomorrow evening and drive back to Russell. Maybe Cane’s is feasible.

Okay, I need to get ready. Sitting around this long without cleaning up is not productive.

Purple Friday

One thing was certain for tonight’s baseball game in Columbia: the TIgers were going to win.


The visiting Tigers, the Tigers I like to refer to as the Bayou Bengals, prevailed 7-5. LSU trailed until it scored five runs in the fifth, highlighted by a three-run homer from Bryce Jordan.

Mizzou got to within 6-5 on a leadoff homer in the seventh, but Hunter Newman came in and allowed only one baserunner, retiring the final seven batters he faced to earn the save in relief of Jared Poche. 

Game two is in a little more than 15 hours. When I was traveling with the team, coach Bertman usually allowed the players two hours after the bus got back to the hotel to get something to eat before curfew. I don’t know what coach Maineri’s policy is, but I’m sure the players  be in their rooms no later midnight. 

The players needed time to find something to eat, because many are on foot, and it is very hard to find a restaurant open late in Starkville, Oxford, Tuscaloosa or Athens, even on a Friday night. Heck, Zaxby’s in Columbia closes at 10. 

My only pitfall tonight was getting lost on the way back to the hotel. I thought I had to turn right and go south on US 63, but as it turned out, the road I was taking from campus would have taken me straight to the Courtyard had I just passed over US 63. Once I saw the mileage to Jefferson City getting smaller and smaller, I knew it was time to turn around. 

I made it to Zaxby’s just in time. They were getting ready to close up, but there was still a couple ahead of me waiting for their food, so I didn’t feel too bad about ordering so close to closing. I would have hated to have them work hard for only me. 

Pretty good, as far as chicken fingers go. The sauce is excellent. And I love Texas toast. Maybe I’ll save the oysters for tomorrow; then again, I didn’t eat anything after Chick-Fil-A until Zaxby’s. 

I’m back in the room right now. It was a very good Friday. Hopefully Saturday will be more of the same.