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The wind is howling and the rain is pouring outside, but at least the lights are back on. I can’t remember the last time the lights went out at a hotel where I was staying. I know of one instance way back in 1996 at a hotel in Port Allen, which is across the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge. Other than that, I must have slept through it. I think the one I slept through was at the Wichita Marriott, but I can’t be certain.

I was very nervous about what to expect at Buffalo Wild Wings when I arrived today. Many of the staff had not seen me since my meltdown last Thursday, and if they were hesitant about my presence, I don’t blame them a bit. It was chilly for awhile as I waited for my usual table to come open, but Megan, who waited on me twice last week, gave me a Diet Pepsi while I was waiting.

It got much better as the night wore on. Two of the staff members who are close to Liz and Sean, Braidey Howe and Lindsy Kurzendorfer, told me to forget about last week, because they had.

I was able to play couple of rounds of trivia before RONDO showed up, at which time I switched to poker, where i busted out. Not a bad thing, though, because I was drifting in and out, and I sat out completely from 6:30 to 7.

One of the people I went head-to-head against a lot last year, Ryan, didn’t play today. Wonder what that was all about.

At 7 p.m. came what I was waiting for all week. The Pulse. RONDO played, as did DIGDUG, another regular, and his wife, EXAMNR, who is registered at Minsky’s Pizza, which is across Barry Road from Zona Rosa. The three aforementioned players sat at a table together hoping their collective knowledge could bring me down.

All four of us answered the first two questions without trouble. Then came the third, which was about NHL goalie Ryan Miller. I knew he signed with the Vancouver Canucks when the free agent signing period began last Tuesday, but they didn’t. DIGDUG had the chance to take the lead on the fifth question, which asked about the site of a World Cup match last weekend, but he didn’t know it either.

The rest of the game offered few challenges. Sure, I didn’t answer every question perfectly for 1,000 points, but my opponents weren’t coming close to touching me, either. The lead began to expand, and by time it was all said and done, nobody came within 9,000 points. I ended the night at 26,495, which is great for most, but not as good as I have been doing. Still, it was good enough for the top 10 scores at this Buffalo Wild Wings over the past year. HINT: all 10 scores belong to the same person

I was so happy with The Pulse I deicded to take on the trio in Countdown. We were all perfect through seven questions, but by time we were through ten, I had a 2,200-point lead. No way I’m going to blow that. And I didn’t.

I left Buffalo Wild Wings at 9:30 to beat the rain back to the hotel. Good decision. If I had stayed until 10, I would have been marooned.

Tomorrow is up in the air. Part of me wants to head into Nebraska and get Raising Cane’s in either Omaha or Lincoln. Part of me wants to head to St. Louis for Cane’s and come back to Kansas City at night. Decisions, decisions.

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I am a sportswriter for a group of weekly newspapers in small towns across northern Kansas. I grew up in New Orleans, went to college at LSU and wandered in the wilderness until Hurricane Katrina finally put me on the path to my current job.

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