Monday on the move

I’m going to attempt to make this short, but whether or not I can succeed is another matter.

I’m getting ready to saddle up and head to Kansas City again, this time for a much shorter visit. I don’t intend on staying past Wednesday; in fact, I might head into Nebraska tomorrow if I so feel like it. I’m going to my Buffalo Wild Wings hangout tonight to (a) play The Pulse and see myself on the screen for last Monday’s national high score, and (b) because I promised one of the new ladies working there, Shannon, I would come and meet her mother, who will be visiting from Chicago. Lisa, one of my favorites, is also going to be working tonight, and she’s expecting me too.

If my nemesis RONDO is there playing trivia, I will not. The only game I will play him is The Pulse, knowing I will probably beat the heck out of him. I wonder what makes this guy ticks. He sits at the bar, drinking Guinness Stout, and never seems to talk to anyone nor is there with anyone. At least I’ll talk to the staff. And if RONDO is there, I’ll play poker instead. I’m beginning to enjoy it. And I’m not half bad.

There’s a part of me which wants badly to go to Raising Cane’s, a chicken finger restaurant which began only a few hundred feet north of the LSU campus in 1996. The first restaurant, which is still open, did better business than just about any other Baton Rouge establishment in its first few years, and it has now expanded all across Louisiana and to many other states. There are now three locations in Lincoln, which is not surprising given the presence of the University of Nebraska, sine Raising Cane’s is popular in college communities. The company opened two more locations in Omaha last year.

There aren’t any Raising Cane’s in Kansas, even though there’s two major college campuses in Manhattan and Lawrence. The only ones in Missouri are in the St. Louis area. They’ve really mushroomed in Oklahoma, expanding deep into Oklahoma City and Tulsa after first coming to Norman, home to the University of Oklahoma.

The chicken fingers are good, but what makes Raising Cane’s great are the Texas toast and the sauce, which isn’t sold in stores. The sauce looks like thousand island, but has a much better taste.

Okay, enough sitting at the computer, and enough watching The O.C., at least for now. I’ve got to hop in the shower and get ready to roll.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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