My own bed and my own home was a far more attractive option than any Nebraska hotel. Therefore, I drove 10 hours round trip from Kansas City to Omaha to Lincoln and back to Russell. I figured with the sun out until almost 9 p.m. and a good stretch of four-lane highway on US 81 between York, Nebraska and Salina, I could make it. The fatigue began to catch up with me by time I made the turn onto i-70 west, but I pulled in safely at 7:30. Went straight for the bed and woke up at 10:40.

I got what I came for in Nebraska. Stopped at Raising Cane’s in both Omaha and Lincoln to get my 32-ounce cups of sauce. Previously, you could not buy the sauce in such large quantities, but Todd Graves, Raising Cane’s founder, got smart and figured he could make more money by selling it. I wasn’t going to pass up such an opportunity, given I had not been to Cane’s in almost two years. I was not big on Cane’s sauce when I first went in Baton Rouge, but now it’s addictive.

I was smart enough to bring the bread I bought in Kansas City into the house this time. I left three loaves in the car for five days when I made my last trip, and by time I returned to Russell, it was moldy. Twelve bucks down the drain. I also found the Boulevard Wheat Beer Brats I could not find last week, plus my favorite cheese, Pecorino Romano, to grate for salads. If you’ve never had that cheese, you need to try it. Now. My mother has been grating it for our pasta for over 30 years, and I would never, ever used the cheap stuff on my pasta.

I did not see Germany’s destruction of Brazil in the World Cup semifinals today. However, I did get to listen to the entertaining radio commentary of JP Dellacamera and Tommy Smyth, who kept my attention even though the match was out of hand early. In fact, I did not change the channel at all during the match, which is rare for me, because I often have to change it because I don’t like the song, or I’m tired of listening to the same thing over and over on talk radio.

Nate Silver is STILL wiping the egg from his face. The founder of the website predicted Brazil, even without Neymar, the leading scorer who suffered cracked vertebrae near the end of the quarterfinal match vs. Colombia, and defender Thiago Silva, who was suspended after accumulating two yellow cards in earlier matches vs. Chile and Colombia, that Brazil STILL had a 65 PERCENT chance of defeating Germany. Yes, Germany had a rough outing against Algeria, going scoreless through regulation, and was far from the top of their game in a draw vs. Ghana, but its best performances were against the two European sides, a 4-0 rout of Portugal and a 1-0 victory over France where the Germans scored very early and never let France get a consistent attack going.

Even with Neymar and Silva, Brazil was inconsistent. It gave up an own goal vs. Croatia in its first match, could only muster a scoreless draw vs. Mexico, and needed a shootout to move past Chile.  It was obvious the weight of the universe was on Brazil’s shoulders, because not only did the country expect a World Cup championship, but one where the Brazilians dominated every time they took the field. They certainly did not, and while a 7-1 result in any World Cup semifinal is out of this galaxy, Germany’s victory was certainly not unexpected.

The Netherlands and Argentina go at it in the other semifinal at 3 p.m. Central. Brazilians are probably rooting for the Dutch, because the LAST thing they want is Argentina to win the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

Since it’s already Wednesday, time to shut it down for a few hours. Night all.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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