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The FIFA World Cup final is scoreless with only three minutes remaining in regulation. Barring a late rush, Germany and Argentina are heading for 30 minutes of extra time, which would mark the fourth time since 1994 the championship match of the world’s most watched sporting event–sorry, Olympics; no dice, Super Bowl–will be heading to at least extra time. Two of the previous three matches to reach extra time, Brazil-Italy in 1994 and Italy-France in 2006, went to the shootout. In 2010, Spain scored in extra time to oust the Netherlands.

A few minutes ago, ESPN’s cameras showed German manager Joachim Low. He looks mighty dapper in his navy blue or black button-down shirt and grey slacks, a departure from the wardrobe of many managers, who wear a suit or a sportcoat and tie on the sideline, the tradition in the NBA and NHL. American manager Jurgen Kilnsmann has adopted the American football coaching standard of a polo shirt and khaki pants. Of course, nobody would dare wear a uniform. It would look silly in almost any sport, but in baseball, it would seem out of place if a coach DIDN”T wear a uniform.

Low is a doppelganger for the legendary actor and singer Peter Gallagher, who gained fame with the younger generation beginning in August 2003 when The O.C. premiered. Gallagher played the legendary Sandy Cohen, the morally grounded public defender who took in Ryan Atwood, the troubled young man from Chino who happened to be a client when Ryan and older brother Trey were arrested for grand theft auto in the series premiere.  Gallagher is a native New Yorker, and Cohen was portrayed as growing up in the Bronx, but whereas Cohen was Jewish, Gallagher is Catholic. Strangely enough, I happen to be going through my annual summer review of The O.C. right now, although I’ve paused for the World Cup final, and I have once again enjoyed watching Gallagher do his thing as Sandy. And let’s not forget the other actors on The O.C., especially Ben McKenzie as Ryan and my personal favorite, Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen. As much as I liked One Tree Hill, I wonder what might have been had One Tree Hill ended after high school and The O.C. gone on.

Of the actors on The O.C., three have gone on to other well-known series: Gallagher in Covert Affairs, McKenzie in Southland, and Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie. By contrast, only one OTH alum has been a series regular, Sophia Bush in Chicago P.D., although Hilarie Burton had a memorable turn on White Collar. Bethany Joy Lenz, where are you?

Extra time is underway in Rio de Janeiro. I’ll stop for now.

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