Score one for the phonies

The American League won the Major League All-Star Game last night 5-3, which means the winner of the ALCS will earn home field advantage in the World Series. What a crock of crap (I would like to use a stronger word, but I will attempt to keep it PG rated).

I dislike the AL. I cannot stand the designated hitter. It is not true baseball. The DH is akin to American football, where there are separate platoons. If LeBron James couldn’t play defense, what good would he be? If Bobby Orr wasn’t able to check, what good would he have been? The DH Is just an excuse for many AL teams to carry one overweight, one-dimensional player on their rosters.

The Royals are the perfect example of an AL roster. BIlly Butler has done nothing for the past five seasons except be a DH. His trade value is next to nil, since he can’t go to the National League due to his lack of defensive skills. He is also useless when Kansas City visits an NL park, since there is no DH. He has to sit and bide his time as a pinch-hitter against a left-handed reliever. The problem is, Butler burns two position players in that situation, since again, he can’t play defense.

Kansas City’s offense is putrid. It cannot collect extra base hits, and when your park’s power alleys are 387 feet away, you have got to be able to shoot the gaps for doubles and triples, and the Royals have trouble doing that, too. If you’re expecting the Royals to be playing in October, don’t hold your breath unless things change in a hurry.

I’m upset the Royals are the closest MLB team to Russell. I would prefer an NL team. Colorado is 350 miles away, but parking is nearly impossible and tickets are much harder to come by, even though the Rockies have been awful more often than not.

Rant over. But don’t ever convince me the AL is the better league. It’s not.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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