Gluttony punished

It was a wonderful Monday night…until I paid for my gluttony just before 4 a.m.

Turns out I bit off more than I could chew–literally. I stuffed myself at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then added to it when I got back to the room when I gave in to one of my newest vices, a pretzel from Quik Trip.

Quik Trip began offering hot foods in many of their convenience stores earlier this year. I first tried their pretzels when I was in Wichita the Monday after the state track and field meet, and I was immediately hooked. Yesterday, I ate one after stopping at the QT on State Line Road as I drove towards Zona Rosa. I probably should have saved the other one for later, but I didn’t want it to go stale.

Bad move. My stomach was churning from the moment I got back to the Overland Park Marriott, and it finally hit me a few hours ago. Learned my lesson there.

Buffalo Wild Wings was great yesterday. I was able to order my new favorite menu item, the Chicken Street Tacos, which are only available from 2 to 7 on weekdays during what is dubbed “overtime” by B-Dubs. I had one order when I got there just after 3 p.m. along with some wings, and then I started a new tab when Liz came at 4:30 and took over the section with my table. I didn’t end up paying that much, because I had a couple of $5 discount coupons from the online surveys I took. Again, I paid much more in tips than I did for the actual cost of the food.

Unfortunately, a couple of customers stuck it to LIz early in her shift. One table did not leave her anything, and another left her only $3 on a $40 bill. Pathetic. Really pathetic. They ought to try being a restaurant server and see how difficult it is. I know I couldn’t do it. I don’t have the people skills, and I’m too clumsy to carry a tray full of food.

I won the national high score in The Pulse once again. I scored 28,691 out of 30,000, which was my second highest all-time score in the game, falling only two points shy of the record I set in April. I got the perfect 1,000 on 27 of 30 questions. The only question I scored less than 638 points was about which NBA player turned 37 years old yesterday. I guessed Dirk Nowitzki, but it was Manu Ginobili.

I almost blew it on the last question. It asked which college football team has won 18 consecutive home games. At first, I guessed Alabama, but then I realized the Crimson Tide lost to Texas A&M in November 2012, and quickly changed my answer to South Carolina. Indeed, it was the Gamecocks, and the quick change saved first place. I ended up finishing less than 200 points ahead of BUG, a regular high scorer in this game who plays at a Buffalo Wild Wings in St. Paul. BUG had two other people helping him, since they were in the top 10, so that makes me feel even better about what I did.

As usual, Walsh’s Bar in Westmont, Ill., had the high site score, which is determined by the average of the top five players at one site. I need to get a team together to play with me so we can get the high score. I’ve got several people in mind, namely my buddy Larry (Mizzou), Ryan, and Athena and Tusken, a couple who often come in and play very well. I guess I could let Rondo join us too.

I only lost one game of Countdown, and the guy who beat me had a bunch of people surrounding him. I got him back good the next round. He was wearing a Texas A&M polo, and sure enough, I looked him up, and he’s from College Station, home of the Aggies. I got his goat for a little while, playing fight songs from LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas and Oklahoma on the jukebox. Shannon finally asked me to stop, so I did. At least this guy did something Johnny Manziel couldn’t do against LSU: win.

I’m going to get in the shower and get ready for another day. Showdown tonight. Wonder if I’ll draw competition.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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