Another yawner

The end to this boring weekend cannot come soon enough. At least I got my column done, and now I can bug out early after voting at the Russell County Courthouse for Tuesday’s primaries.

The NFL’s exhibition season gets underway tonight when the Giants and Bills take part in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. There will now be at least one football game, exhibition or one that counts, every Sunday from now through January 18. One of those Sundays, August 31, will have college football, since the NFL does not play exhibition games on the Sunday before Labor Day.

The last time the NFL was in action, the Seahawks were beating the living daylights out of the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey, where the supposed ridiculously cold and snowy weather arrived too late. It was 48 degrees at kickoff, nine degrees warmer than it was for Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in January 1972, and two degrees warmer than it was for Super Bowl IX in the same stadium three years later.

I predicted the Seahawks would win 23-14, which made a lot of people around here mad, since many are Broncos fans, not surprising given Denver’s close proximity to western Kansas. A lot of towns I travel to are closer to Denver than Kansas City. WaKeeney is about the halfway point between the two cities on Interstate 70.

My parents attended Super Bowl IX, but left at halftime. I would have tried to stick it out, but then again, I can’t blame them, because (a) the weather was miserable for south Louisiana, (b) their seats were terrible, way up in the south end zone, and (c) if you waited to leave too late at Tulane Stadium, you would be waiting…and waiting…and waiting. I don’t want to know what they did when they got back to the house, but I have my ideas, given my brother and I were both eggs stuck in our mother’s ovaries.

TV viewing until the Hall of Fame Game pretty much stinks. TBS and ESPN figured a battle between the Brewers and Cardinals wasn’t worth televising, so instead we’re stuck with Angels-Rays on TBS at 12:40 and Yankees-Red Sox for about the 245th time on Sunday Night Baseball, plus the Royals and Athletics at 3. The NASCAR race at Pocono is intriguing because of the odd shape of that track, but I’m not one to sit around and watch cars going around and around.

I’m convinced if the other 28 MLB owners offered ESPN and Fox $2 billion each to not televise a single Red Sox-Yankees game during a given season, not only would the networks turn down that money, they would find a way to put every Red Sox-Yankees game on TV to spite them. I’ve never seen a single rivalry in sports where the TV execs go gaga no matter what the team records are.

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