Magnificent Monday

I’ve had very good Monday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. This was not one of those.

This was a super Monday. A really incredible night.

I got to the restaurant at 3:15, and I began to see all of my favorite faces, especially Liz, who loved my bright yellow Under Armour shirt, as did just about every other female staff member.

Samantha, one of the new staff members who attends Northwest Missouri State in Maryville, took care of me at first. After one of my discounts, that bill came out to less than $4, so I gave her a $10 bill and told her to keep the change. She was thrilled. I was glad to brighten her day in that manner.

Megan took over in the evening, and she was outstanding as always. As was the case earlier, my bill after the discount came out to less than $4, so I gave Megan a $10 spot and told her, like Sam, to keep the change. I’ve been known to spend much more than $20 in one night at B-Dubs, so I am not about to complain about 68 percent of what I paid going out in tips.

I had a couple of rough rounds of Countdown in the early evening, but by 7 p.m., I was ready for The Pulse. I was hoping to set a new personal record, which would mean I would have to score above 28,693. I finished first nationally last week with 28,691, although I almost blew it on the last question until I realized Alabama lost at home to Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel in 2012, meaning South Carolina had the longest home winning streak of the college football teams listed.

I was on fire from the beginning. I breezed through question after question, racking up 1,000 points a pop. I got through the first two rounds unscathed, and it continued through question 14. On question 15, I didn’t know right from the start which NASCAR driver’s crew chief had been suspended for six races, but when I saw the choices, I realized it was Denny Hamlin. My bid for a perfect 30,000 game was gone, but I lost only four points, meaning I was well within range of my new personal high and another national top score.

The fourth, fifth and sixth rounds presented very few challenging questions. The one I had to think about was which team had the best record in the National League. The chocies were the Nationals, Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers and Dodgers. I knew it could only be Washington or L.A., and I went with L.A., which was the right choice. When all was said and done, my score was 29,996.

I was a little worried that someone at Walsh’s Bar and Grill, the establishment in Westmont, Ill., where there always seems to be a large group of people playing together, would thread the needle and score 30,000.

When the scores were posted the first time around, all sites had not reported, leaving the top 20 sites and top 20 players blank. When the second cycle came through, I was on top. There were two other players above 29,000, so I had to be damn good.

I have now finished first in The Pulse four times since March 31. Of course, I continue to have all ten top scores at Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa. The only way those scores will be knocked off is through attrition, because scores are wiped after one calendar year.

I bounced back well in Countdown, and by 10 p.m., I had the top three scores this month and seven of the top 10. I added my name to the top of The Late Shift before departing at 10:50.

Liz is working the morning shift tomorrow, so I’ll go back to B-Dubs for lunch. I might take part of the afternoon off and then come back. I don’t know. I could also leave early.

If I didn’t finish first in this week’s Pulse, I might have skipped next week. Now, I have to go for the three-peat.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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