Midnight musings from Monday

Don Pardo, the longtime voice of NBC, is dead at 96. I wonder who will be the new announcer for Saturday Night Live when it returns for its 40th season next month. Don was one of the first people to announce the death of President John F. Kennedy that tragic day in Dallas, breaking into programming on WNBC in New York about 19 minutes after JFK died, although the death was not made official until 35 minutes after the bullets rang out.

Another mighty good Monday. The cheeseburger at Buffalo Wild Wings was outstanding, Megan’s service was outstanding, and I got to spend time with my dear friend Elizabeth Psenski. I probably stayed too long, but I figured why not? I had the computer with me and I was wrapping up my previous blog post about the 45th anniversary of two landmark events of August 17, 1969.

The Pulse threw me for a few loops tonight, but by time it ended, I was over 28,000 and probably back on top. I’ll find out for sure by noon, but I’m guessing those questions about Formula One, the Canadian Football League and Katie Ledecky may have caught the boys at Walsh’s in Naperville, Illinois off guard, too. I almost didn’t come back for the try at four in a row, but now I guess I’ll be going for five next Monday at 7 p.m.

I got to see two of the nicest people I’ve met at Buffalo Wild Wings, Dan and Pam. They sit at the bar and play trivia, too, and they are impressed by my knowledge. Dan is a very fortunate man to have a beautiful lady like Pam at his side, but he deserves to.

The Royals won again, so they’re two games up in the AL Central. The Brewers didn’t play, having flown back from Los Angeles, where they swept the Dodgers over the weekend.

Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, all but blew his chance to start the season opener for the Cleveland Browns. He was mediocre to bad last night in Washington, going 5 for 13 for 49 yards, and saluting the Redskins bench with the universal gesture of ill will. Coach Mike Pettine was very unhappy, and if Brian Hoyer is not named Cleveland’s starting quarterback for Sept. 7 in Pittsburgh, Pettine isn’t playing with a full deck.

I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings later today to see Brittany Davidson, who spent the weekend in California. Then I drive back to Russell, where I’ll be until at least Friday afternoon.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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