I just played Foreigner’s Cold as Ice on the jukebox at Buffalo Wild Wings. And it has nothing to do with anyone working or eating at the restaurant.

See my previous post for why Cold as Ice is appropriate. For me.

Yes, after much vacillating and procrastinating, I took the ALS bucket challenge. Lisa Toebben, who has become such a wonderful friend over the past five months, was first to issue the challenge after her boyfriend, Jeff, dumped the bucket over her Wednesday evening. I was supposed to complete the challenge by 6 p.m. Thursday–24 hours from Lisa’s post on Facebook–but the logistical problems of driving almost four hours from Russell to Kansas City let me push it back. Lisa didn’t work yesterday because she was at a wedding in St. Joseph, so she agreed to wait until today.

On Friday evening, as I was driving on I-35 from Overland Park to the Kansas-Missouri state line, I found I had two more challenges from volleyball players at rival schools I cover. The first came from Mindy Gower at Phillipsburg, and the next was from Addison Kingsbury at Smith Center.

My bad mood yesterday prompted me to say no way. That all changed when I brought Lisa the cheesecake. I then changed my mind.

Once Lisa was cut from her shift, I changed into my clothes to get dunked. I looked like I was supporting the Miami Hurricanes, but what the hell, orange and green go so well together.

A few of the other workers from B-Dubs–Braidey, Sydnie, Brittany Mathenia-Tucker and John–watched on the patio, as did Dan and Pam, the lovely couple who comes in and plays trivia often. Today, they were here for a fantasy football draft.

I was a little nervous about the bucket, considering I never played sports and I never had a reason to have water dumped on me, but when Liz turned the bucket over, it didn’t feel too bad. Actually, it felt good on a 100-degree day. Next time, maybe I’ll work up a sweat.

I now have three nominations to make for the challenge, since I was challenged three times. Thinking about that one.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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