Bad dude

I am a total jerk. So many people at Buffalo Wild Wings have been so nice to me since I started frequenting the restaurant in May 2013, and yet I’ve been mean to them so often. I don’t know why they want to continue to be my friend, but obviously they are much better people than I.

I did it again late last night with Elizabeth Psenski. I texted her, but I stupidly forgot to tell her it was me. She got a new cell phone last week and had a new number, but since she lost her phone, it figured she would not have transferred her numbers from her old phone to her new one.

I did not think that through, and when I saw “Who is this” on my phone as I exited I-70 at Balta Road, my heart sank. Once again, I made a fool out of myself with Liz, which I have done too many times to count over the past 15 months.

Some of the other terrible things I’ve done to Liz:

  • I was all over her on August 23 of this year after having a bad day. She didn’t come in until 4 p.m. and I was very rude to her for a couple of hours. It got better, but I felt bad about it.
  • I lost my cool when she didn’t work July 3, and I thought she was working that day. I complained to just about everyone I could find, including her mom. I bitched about her spending time with her boyfriend, when I had no right to do so. I was also worried about her going on vacation for two weeks and forgetting about me. Liz gave me the third degree the next day. I deserved a heck of a lot worse.
  • I got upset for her having fun at a wedding. Why?

Unfortunately, I’ve done some very mean things to some of Liz’s colleagues, and that has kept me up numerous times at night, and also turned my stomach as I’ve made the long drive east on I-70  from Russell to Kansas City, scared every time I’ve made my way over there.

Lisa Toebben–I’ve ignored her countless pleas to stop being negative and to smile more. I’ve also made some comments about my miserable life whenever she posts pictures of her boyfriend.

Brittany Davidson–screamed at her this past Monday because I didn’t see Lisa the day before.

Ladies please please please forgive me. I promise to do better. I promise. Please please please forgive me!

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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