Darkness arrives, I haven’t departed

Typical Sunday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Nothing really special to report. Morgan Tomec has done wonderful serving me.

I heard from Lisa today on Facebook. She’s been really busy with her new job, and of course, wanted to hear all about what I was doing.

I saw something I hope never to see again. As I was exiting the restroom, a man was using the urinal and drinking his beer at the same time. Wow.

The Broncos are losing 27-7 to the Patriots. There’s a guy with a faux Tom Brady jersey enjoying it, while a couple in a booth to my right is cringing. They’re not hiding the fact they’re Broncos fans. Oops, make that 27-14 because Payton Manning just threw a TD pass to Julius Thomas.

It’s going to be dark in about an hour, thanks to the time change. I’m still here because Liz came in at 5. I’ve already cashed out, and I doubt I’m going to order any more food here. I’ve got some candy back at the hotel, and besides, I’ve got to get stuff done early so I can get my car worked on tomorrow at 11.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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