Waiting squared

I’ve been at Morse-McCarthy Chevrolet for an hour now while my Impala undergoes some big repairs. The mechanics found out something was amiss with my power steering, and although it’s going to cost a hefty price to fix, it has to get fixed, because I can’t be driving to Oberlin this weekend with a bum car. Just a fact of life with living in western Kansas and the job I have. Gotta have the car.

My father’s procedure at KU Medical Center has been pushed back to 5. Figures. Unless it’s emergency surgery, more often than not, medical procedures in a hospital will be done later than the appointment time. Not that he, my mother, or I are going anywhere today.

I’ve been productive waiting for the car. I knocked out a lot of typing of statistics, which is always a hassle. Wrestling and track and field have tons of results, and that is more tedious than one might think. Once those are out of the way, writing stories for those sports isn’t that hard. I also am fortunate this week that many schools we cover played one another, meaning I don’t have to do nearly as much writing and statistics typing as I might.

I find the Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone allows me to type much more efficiently than the keyboard on my computer. It’s helped, both working and blogging.

The NBA postponed two games in New York City tonight because of the impending blizzard. Nobody gives a crap about the Kings and Knicks, and the Nets avoided a probably loss, since they were hosting the Trail Blazers.

One thing about Arizona: the NFL will never have to worry about snow. The only question is will it leave the roof open at University of Phoenix Stadium for the Super Bowl. The Cardinals control the roof when they are hosting regular season games, but in the playoffs, the decision lies with the league, and in this case, with Roger Goodell in particular, in consultation with the coaches and referee Bill Vinovich. I’m guessing it stays closed, which would be a shame if it were 60 degrees outside.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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