No thrills Tuesday

The outcomes from Sacred Heart were not surprising. The drama was sucked out of both games right from the start.

Russell’s girls led 22-0 in the first quarter. It got a little sloppy in the second, but Sacred Heart could not take advantage, and the Broncos led by 18 at halftime.

Kyleigh Kasper, Russell’s 6-foot junior, hit just about everything she put up. She was deadly accurate from anywhere closer than 16 feet. If the Broncos had to rely only upon her scoring, they still would have won, for Sacred Heart wasn’t going to threaten.

The final was 55-22. Most of the fourth quarter was played with a running clock, which occurs when one team gains a lead of 30 points.

I didn’t expect there to be much suspense in the boys game.

There wasn’t.

Sacred Heart led 13-0 early. Russell was down 17-2 at the end of the first quarter, and it could have been worse had the Knights not missed several open layups.

Russell began to hit a few shots late in the first half and went to the locker room trailing 34-15, but sooner or later, the Knights figured to expand their lead.

With 6:40 to go, Sacred Heart went up 53-23, and the clock was on the run. It ended 61-34.

I have witnessed six basketball games so far this month. No contest has been closer than 18 points, and three have gone to the running clock.

The running clocks and the relative lack of fouls ensured the night would not drag on. Indeed, I got out of the school at 8:45, and by 8:58, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m glad I came, because Krystine is here, and so is Kendall, my favorite waitress. She hasn’t reached the Brittany-Liz-Lisa exosphere, but she’ll get there one day.

I’m going to stay until at least 10, maybe a little longer. Of course, closing here is an hour earlier than in Kansas City, so the absolute latest I would make it back to the Courtyard would be 12:10, provided I don’t stop–highly unlikely at that hour.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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