Back in the B-Dubs saddle

I arrived at Overland Park at 1. I killed some time by  picking up things at Staples and Hy-Vee on 95th Street. Stopped at the Bank of America on Metcalf to deposit checks, and then made my way to the Marriott. 

My room was not ready. At first the associate at the desk was going to assign me to a room at the east end of the hall on the 11th floor, but instead, he asked me to wait until room 1123, where I’ve stayed three times previously, was clean. I agreed to wait; besides, I had to wait out the Kansas-TCU game before I made my way north anyway. My room was ready at 2:45, and I went up. 

I left the hotel at 4:15. There was a lot of traffic exiting US 69 to I-35 north, but it cleared up before Shawnee Mission Parkway, and the rest of the drive was smooth. It turns out a three-car accident at the exit to I-635 north wsa the culprit. 

I pulled into Buffalo Wild Wings at 4:57. Shannon and Lauren were outside in front of Shannon’s car. They were surprised to see me, since it had been six weeks since I was last there. 

Once I got in, eveyrone who knew me was overjoyed. Casey was the first to see me. Then Lisa saw me come up to the bar. And Liz found me. She was overjoyed. Alex snuck up on me. Britttany emerged. Jaclyn came in. It was wonderful. 

I had a very good night playing trivia and talking to patrons. I even gave LIz some of my Hostess treats I had brought with me from Russell for the road trip. I bought more at Hy-Vee today so there’s plenty waiting for me when I get back to the Marriott.

Unfortunately, Brittany had to leave early. She had a deep cut on one of her fingers, so Zach took her to the ER at St. Luke’s Northland on Barry Road, the same hospital where I went to the ER in 2009 after I passed a kidney stone and there was blood in my urine. Alex took over behind the bar. 

I’ll be going back south shortly. I’ve got to get here early tomorrow because Lisa is bartending. Brittany will be back Saturday. 

I wish I were still covering basketball, but this isn’t a bad alternative. Yeah, really not bad. 

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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