Less than an hour between posts. Bored, aren’t I? 

I’ve given up on playing trivia, at least for tonight. I figured 10 hours was plenty enough. My brain needs some down time before i go at it again tomorrow. I’m guessing Rondo will be there at some point, so I might be playing poker or just blogging. Still, I need to hang out with Brittany. I didn’t get to see her much Thursday, because she had the unfortunate accident which sent her to the ER. Thankfully, no stitches. 

Lisa and Jeff are on their way to St. Louis for the weekend. I’m glad she’s getting away for a couple of days. She had a tough one today, and plus worked Monday through Thursday. She ususally doesn’t work Wednesdays, but picked up a shift for someone else. 

Tomorrow night is a fight night. Probably means I leave not long after Brittany gets off. I’ll stay long enough to see Liz and the night crew come in, and probably I hightail it back to Overland Park before sunset. It’s not a big deal, because I’ve still got Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday at least. 

Iowa State leads Okalhoma 50-47 with 10:28 to go. Georgia leads South Carolina 40-29 with 18 minutes to go. All except South Carolina are safely in the NCAA tournament. The Gamecocks have to win the tournament, or else they get no postseason bid whatsoever. 

The Mid-Continent’s League’s drought without a boys basketball state champion continues. Stockton fell 46-31 to Doniphan West in the first Class 1A-Division I semifinal at Emporia this afternoon. Don West will play Twin Valley League rival Hanover for the title, and the team from Highland will be a signifcant underdog. Hanover won the two regular season meetings, 54-35 and 69-54. 

Stockton has to play tomorrow. I will get my sopabox dusted off and let loose with another diatribe tomorrow about that. 

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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