Yankees-Red Sox blah blah blah blah blah

In addition to the Kentucky Derby, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, ESPN mentioned the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry as being part of the greatest day of sports this year.

First, the greatest day in sports, at least in my opinion, is Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, the game disappointed for many years, but anyone who doesn’t watch the game doesn’t have a pulse, or I have to question their credentials as an American. There are also far better sports days than today, like New Year’s Day for college football, the first two days of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, MLB opening day, NFL opening Sunday…I could go on and on.

Second, I have had it up to here with Yankees-Red Sox. ESPN has forced Yankees-Red Sox down our throats for the last 25 years, since the Total Sports Network first acquired Major League Baseball rights in 1990. I understand ESPN’s headquarters are in Bristol, Conn., where Yankees and Red Sox fans dominate. But last I checked, ESPN is broadcast to more places than New York City, northern New Jersey and New England, so the vast majority of baseball fans are not Yankees or Red Sox fans. In fact, many baseball fans despise one or the other, or both, as is the case in Kansas City.

Third, what is the big deal about a series on the first weekend of May between a 14-9 team and a 12-11 team? NOT A DARN THING. If ESPN was serious about showing the best teams in baseball, it would be showing Tigers-Royals on Sunday night, or better yet, Mariners-Astros. Houston currently is tied with KC for the best record in the American League, amazing to think that franchise had three consecutive 100-loss seasons in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Houston folks thought 70-92 in 2014 was cause for celebration.

Oh boy. The Kentucky Derby hype has started on NBC over three hours before post time. That’s what we all need–a three-hour leadup to the race. If it were Secretariat, or a horse in the Belmont Stakes going for the Triple Crown, then maybe. Not now.

I know what I will NOT be watching tomorrow at 7 p.m. Hint: it’s ESPN.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. New Orleans born, LSU graduate. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, one toe less than most humans, addictions to The Brady Bunch, Lifetime movies, Bluey, most sports, food and trivia. Big fan of Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, New Orleans Saints, Montreal Canadiens. Was a big fan of Quebec Nordiques until they moved to Denver. My only celebrity crush is NFL official Sarah Thomas. I strongly dislike LSU fans who think Alabama is its biggest rival, warm weather, steaks cooked more than rare, hot dogs with ketchup, restaurants without online ordering, ranch dressing, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Alex Ovechkin, Barry Bonds, Putin, his lover in Belarus, North Korean dictators, Venezuelan dictators, all NHL teams in the south (especially the Lightning and Panthers), Brooklyn Nets and Major League Soccer.

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