Gordon staying in KC; hashtag queen rejoices

According to Royals fans, we might as well not play the 2016 World Series. Besides, how can Kansas City lose now that Alex Gordon has signed a four-year, $72 million contract which will keep him as the starting left fielder for the greatest baseball team ever assembled?

I am being very sarcastic about the Royals being the greatest team assembled. They are not. Far from it. However, I cannot deny keeping Gordon was very important.

If Gordon left Kansas City, the only Major League home he has known, the Royals would have entered the 2016 season with Lorenzo Cain in center field and two huge question marks on the corners. Alex Rios, who started most of 2015 in right field, is not expected back. Jerrod Dyson is a great defensive replacement, but he is not starting material. Paulo Orlando has not proven himself. And of course, Ben Zobrist is now playing for the Cubs.

Royals fans across the social media spectrum started posting all kinds of celebratory posts, complete with numerous hashtags.

Not surprisingly, the hashtag queen of Facebook herself, Jami Applegate, had FOUR hashtags in her status about Gordon’s re-signing, all of them very long. Had she been on Twitter, only one of the four hashtags would have fit in the 140 characters.

If you aren’t following Jami Applegate on Facebook, you need to. Every post includes at least two extended hashtags. Some include six or seven. And some of them are so long you could make a complete sentence out of them.

Gordon didn’t get the $20-$23 million per season he was hoping for. But nobody cry for him. He got the Royals to pony up $18 million per year, and that’s no mean feat given David Glass’ notoriously cheap ways throughout his ownership of the franchise, which only stopped when he realized it was far more fun to win than make boatloads of cash. He’s doing both right now and having the last laugh on his fellow owners.

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