Fourth and final day

Today is my fourth and final day at Bufaflo Wild Wings. I go back to Russell tomorrow. I will miss this place when I go back this time. It’s been a very good visit without any drama. 

Stephanie Suggs is working the early shift after working late Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope she gets some sleep. Braidey Howe is also working this afternoon. Wondering who I’ll see tonight. I know Dawn and Robb Amos will be coming in sometime around 4.  

Today is boneless wing day, and Thursday is the only week I will do boneless, since it is discounted. Otherwise, I’m all about the traditional. 

It hasn’t been too busy in here each of the last three nights. I watched all of the LSU-South Carolina basketball game here last night. Not good for the Bayou Bengals. I also can’t stand Gamecocks coach Frank Martin, who loves to scream so much you would think he invented the screaming coach. He’s been known to use language which would make Bobby Knight blush. 

LSU has got to get it together if it wants to make the NCAA tournament. Test, it is tied atop the SEC with South Carolina and Kentucky, but it’s overall record is terrible (15-9) for a major conference team leading the league. If there’s any doubt amongst the selection committee, I say the Bayou Bengals are out, even with Ben Simmons and Craig Victor. At least LSU fans can watch three NIT games at home if the situation is right. 

Right now is not a good time to be a sports fan if you don’t like basketball. And I do NOT like basketball. I’m reduced to watching hockey and English football until baseball starts. At least college baseball gets cranked up later this month, and there will be games on the SEC Network and streaming on the SEC Network Plus. 

March Madness is way too overblown. Too many teams. Too many teams with no chance to win one game, much less the championship. And I do NOT like the idea of these nothing schools in the field. Does anybody really want to see Texas Southern, Maryland-Eastern Shore, St. Peter’s and Campbell? Not me. 

Okay rough of the soapbox for now. 

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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