Boredom in KC? YOU BET

I have reached the point where trips to Kansas City do not hold much intrigue anymore. I never dreamed I would say that three years ago, two years ago, or last year at this time, but yes, I’m to the point where going to Kansas City isn’t doing it for me.

I have not dared go near Zona Rosa this time, and I will not. I did enough damage last month the last time I was there, and I feel it’s best I take a break. I’m going to talk it over with Crista again when I see her June 23 before doing anything else. At the earliest. It might be after July 4, since I have another appointment with her July 7.

I was in the wrong on what happened last month. And if people are upset with me, I perfectly understand. I was wrong. I went up there June 2, but felt like it would do much more harm than good, so I didn’t go in.

If I want to play Buzztime that bad, I can drive to Wichita or Lawrence. Besides, I go to Topeka to do my grocery shopping, so it’s on the way to and from Lawrence, and there are things in Salina going to and from both places which I can’t get in Hays.

The mission of this trip to KC has been accomplished. I got new tires on my car, and the oil pressure sensor has been fixed. I have nothing more left. In fact, I did not go to any Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday. I went to the one in Overland Park north of I-435 Thursday and Friday, but right now, I’m still not quite warm to that place like I was to Zona Rosa, which is understandable.

I drove all the way to Blue Springs to go to Raising Cane’s, where they messed up my order badly. Too much cole slaw, which I absolutely loathe. I’m debating whether driving all the way back there today. I have nothing better to do, but is it worth it for that? I’m going through Lawrence tomorrow, and I can also go to Zaxby’s in KCK.

All I know it’s so freaking hot today. I hate to think how bad July and August might be. The plan is to go out only when needed. Then I’ll pack as much as I can and be ready to go early tomorrow.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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