Salina redux 

I returned to Buffalo Wild Wings in Salina for the first time in almost five months. I want to forget May 28 as much as possible. I lost my cool, and then I got a speeding ticket for being stupid. That’s what driving 91 MPH on the Interstate is. STUPID. 

I didn’t speed on the way here, and no way I’m doing it tonight. 

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight to play my favorite Buzztime game, SIX. I had trouble in the final round, especially with the sports question. I had no idea Pepper Martin, the Hall of Famer who was part of the St. Louis Cardinals’ famed Gas House Gang, was nicknamed the Wild Horse of the Osage. i also didin’t know the Thirty Years War started in teh 17th century. Always thought it was the 18th. 

One thing about me: once I see a question, I won’t forget it if it comes up again. 

I’m leaving at 9. I have an appointment with Crista tomorrow morning at 10. I typed out my agenda between trivia questions. 

The Cleveland Indians are heading to the World Series for the first time in almost two decades. The Tribe wrapped up the American League pennant this evening with a 3-0 victory in Toronto, giving Clevleand a 4-1 series victory. 

The Indians (that’s INDIANS for you politically correct buttheads) last played in the World Series in 1997, when they lost in seven games to the Marlins, the best team money could buy that season. While the series went seven games, it was horrible to watch. 

I hated the Marlins then, and I hate them now. The only times (1997 and 2003) the Marlins have done anything is when they buy a team, get the wild card, and somehow get a HUGE break. 

In 1997, Eric “Rerun” Gregg had the widest strike zone known to man during Game 5 of the NLCS, allowing Livan Hernandez to strike out 15 vs. Atlanta in a 2-1 Florida victory. Gregg was always a garabage umpire who thought the game was always about him. I don’t give a crap he weighed 400 pounds. I’m obese. But he was absolute garbage. Gregg got away with it, because he knew he could call the NAACP and sue the National League if he ever got fired. 

Thank God Gregg was stupid enough to follow Richie Phillips’ absolutely stupid idea to resign. The NL got rid of Gregg once and for all, and we never had to put up with his antics or his ridiculous strike zone again. 

I like a big strike zone. I think the way pitchers are getting squeezed at the top of the strike zone is pitiful. Yet there’s a difference between a big zone and one which has no place in the game, which Gregg’s didn’t. 

Six years after Gregg handed the Marlins a key victory, the Marlins got another break they should not have. 

Steve Bartman. 

Bartman didn’t do anything wrong in trying to catch the foul ball heading into the left field stands in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. Bartman did not reach onto the field, and Moises Alou had no case to complain. 

However, the Bartman play caused the Cubs to self-destruct. The Marlins scored eight runs following the Bartman incident to win that game 8-3, and then won Game 7. 

Enough about the Marlins. I’m sorry they lost their best player, Jose Fernandez, far too soon, but he was dumb enough to go out on a boat at night after drinking with two buddies. Also, Jeffrey Loria is a turd. HUGE TURD. I am reminded of him some mornings when I need to expel waste. Anyone who bitches about Royals owner David Glass needs to remember Glass is nowhere near as evil as Loria, who stole baseball from Montreal. 

Back to the Indians. 

I’m certain the buttheads who hate Native American imagery will be protesting long and loud in Clevleand and either Chicago or Los Angeles about Chief Wahoo.


The club was named IN HONOR of an Native American player. Getting rid of Chief Wahoo is not going to erase the national debt, is not going to make North Korea treat people with basic human dignity, not going to put life on Mars, cure cancer, or even get you a date with Gisele Bunchden or Tom Brady. 

If you are that worried about a baseball team mascot, Styx had a song about you in 1981: Too Much Time on My Hands. 

It looks like the NLCS is going to be returning to Chicago. The Cubs lead the Dodgers 4-0 in the bottom of the fourth. If this holds, the series will be tied 2-2. Game 5 is in Los Angeles tomorrow, and then it would go back to Chicago Saturday. Game 7 would be Sunday at Wrigley Field. 

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