(Almost) an old-school trip

I thought for a while this morning I would be spending the weekend in Kansas City without my cell phone. I noticed around Junction City the phone was not on the passenger seat, and there was a chance I had left it back in Russell. I had sworn I had put it in the front pouch of my sweatshirt as I left the house at 5:30.

As it turned out, the phone had simply fallen over the side and lodged between the seat and the door. Had I forgotten the phone, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, since I have the ipad to communicate and I was heading back either tomorrow night or Sunday morning. Alas, much ado about nothing.

I was going to pick up breakfast at Chik-Fil-A in Topeka, but it turned out the restaurant was closed due to a water main break at the corner of Wannamaker and 17th in southwest Topeka. Oh well.

We’re now about 48 hours away from the NFL conference championship games, Jaguars at Patriots in the AFC and Vikings at Eagles in the NFC. Every potential Super Bowl matchup offers intrigue. If the Vikings make it, they’re the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium, while the Eagles and Jaguars each have yet to win a Super Bowl. Jacksonville has never been to a Super Bowl, while Philadelphia is 0-2, with its last trip coming in 2004, when it lost to the Patriots in Jacksonville.

I, like many NFL fans, have had enough of the Patriots. I have had it UP TO HERE with Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback who ever lived. If all time includes only the 21st century, then okay. But I would like to see how Brady would have survived in the NFL of Johnny Unitas when defenders could play bump and run all the way down the field. Even Joe Montana had to deal with looser rules against pass defenders than Brady did, even though the bump and run was basically legislated out of the NFL in 1978, save for within five yards of the line of scrimmage.

Brady has won five Super Bowl championships. That is empirical and cannot be challenged. But to call him the greatest of all time is purely subjective, and I cannot take that step. And I never will be able to.

I’m only in town to see a few people. Dawn is leaving for Florida next month, so I need to get to see her as much as possible. I also have not seen Lindsay at Minsky’s since before Christmas, so I have to go there too. But I need to make a quick retreat west because I have a lot to do for work until Wednesday at noon. I should have done that last time. Would have saved a lot of pain.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. New Orleans born, LSU graduate. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, one toe less than most humans, addictions to The Brady Bunch, Lifetime movies, Bluey, most sports, food and trivia. Big fan of Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, New Orleans Saints, Montreal Canadiens. Was a big fan of Quebec Nordiques until they moved to Denver. My only celebrity crush is NFL official Sarah Thomas. I strongly dislike LSU fans who think Alabama is its biggest rival, warm weather, steaks cooked more than rare, hot dogs with ketchup, restaurants without online ordering, ranch dressing, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Alex Ovechkin, Barry Bonds, Putin, his lover in Belarus, North Korean dictators, Venezuelan dictators, all NHL teams in the south (especially the Lightning and Panthers), Brooklyn Nets and Major League Soccer.

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