Frenchy Foots

Vive France!

That’s right, I hope the United States of America LOSES today’s Women’s World Cup quarterfinal vs. the host nation in Paris.

I have had it up to here with Megan Rapinoe, her over-the-top celebrations (which are nothing new) and her using the US women’s national association football team as a platform to push the Black Lives Matter narrative.

I don’t care one iota she’s a lesbian (married to WNBA star Sue Bird no less). I don’t care that her views are in lock step with Colin Kaepernick, although I cannot stand Kaepernick’s glorification of Che Guevara, who harbored virulent anti-American feelings.

What I care about is Rapinoe is disrespecting the national anthem of the United States when she is representing said nation in an international sporting event.

As much as Kaepernick infuriated rednecks and other assorted racists, and as much as I didn’t agree with it, the National Football League is a private organization, not connected to any government.

The U.S. Association Football Federation (I’m not using the S word) is not a government entity, but it is representing the United States by sending teams into international competition. The FIFA Women’s World Cup happens to be the world’s biggest team sports competition for women. It sends a poor message when the CAPTAIN of the team representing the United States can’t swallow her pride for two minutes while The Star-Spangled Banner is played.

I’m also fed up with the media’s obsession with two players on the U.S. squad, Rapinoe and Alex Morgan.

From what the media is feeding us, Morgan is the greatest to step on a pitch for the United States.

Mia Hamm would run circles around Morgan, and she never got near the attention during the 1999 World Cup. She was but one of many who shared the spotlight, with the most notable being Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy and Kristine Lilly.


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