Adios, Mexico

I was right, I could not avoid the wings today at Buffalo Wild Wings. But I limited myself to just a small order (10-12) with no other food. I ended up giving my lovely waitress, Alexandra, a hefty tip ($8,85), since she had not waited on me since December.

People who are poor tippers anger me to no end. I see reports of  LeBron James leaving a $15 on a $500 check and I dislike him even more than I do for his collusion with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh when he signed with the Heat. If I were making .001% of what LeBron makes, I would be sure to leave at least a Benjamin or two at a nice restaurant. If it’s a place like Buffalo Wild Wings, I’d tip at least a $20, maybe a $50. I try to do what I can on my limited funds, because I know I could never be a restaurant worker. I’m too clumsy and I’m too shy. What’s an extra five bucks?

It was packed to the gills and beyond at B-Dubs when I arrived at 1. I figured it would be, since the Netherlands and Mexico kicked off their World Cup match at 11, and the Royals wrapped up their series with the Angels beginning at 1:10.

Mexico scored early in the second half, and it appeared that one goal would hold up for El Tri (the Mexicans’ nickname, based upon their flag’s vertical green, white and red stripes) until the Dutch scored in the 88th minute.

Certainly, the match would be going into extra time, but in stoppage time–the time added on by the referee after the 90th minute (45th in the first half) elapses, Mexico’s Rafael Marquez was given a yellow card for taking down Arjen Robben in the “box” (the area directly in front of the goal), and the Portuguese referee awarded the Dutch a penalty kick.

Robben’s kick was easy, since Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa dived the wrong way. Ochoa was masterful in a scoreless draw vs. Brazil in group play, but this is one he’ll be burdened with for a long time.

The Dutch will next play Costa Rica, which won a shootout over Greece.

The Royals won 5-4 on Omar Infante’s single in the bottom of the ninth. My favorite MLB team, the Brewers, lost 10-4 to Colorado, but hey, they won the first six over Colorado in the season series and are 18 games over .500.

Less than 48 hours now until the most anticipated futbol match in the history of the United States of America.

As for me, it was another very good day. Got to see Liz and a lot of my friends who work at Buffalo Wild Wings and did exceedingly well at Buzztime Trivia. “Exceedingly well” because I had plenty of strong competition throughout the day and I turned back all comers. Tomorrow night at 7 is the weekly quiz of the current events in sports, a game I dominate at this particular B-Dubs. As in all 10 high scores from the last 12 months are mine.

I’ve got a column to write for the newspapers I work for. I’ve got lots Nto write about, and it’s a shame not all of it can get in.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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