Buffalo Wild (No Wings)

For only the second time in the 500 visits or so I have made to Buffalo Wild Wings in my lifetime, I did not order wings.

I like to bring Marzett’s bleu cheese dressing with me. I like the taste (my mother does, too) over the dressing B-Dubs uses, so I carry a jar with me and pour it into a bowl to dip the wings in. I didn’t have my blue cheese dressing with me yesterday, fearing it might spoil in my car’s trunk while I was at the Royals game. With the rain pouring down as I got on I-70 from Kauffman Stadium, I opted to head straight to B-Dubs north of the Missouri River rather than go all the way back to Overland Park to the Marriott, retrieve the bleu cheese, then make a 45-minute drive (it usually takes 30 to 35 minutes on a dry day) to the north. If I would have gone back to the room, I probably would have crashed and found myself waking up at 7:30 or so.

Casey probably did a double take when the prime rib phily came up for my table. She’s so used to me always getting wings. I’ve surprised her the last couple of days.

The other time I did not order wings at B-Dubs was in 2005 when I was in Hattiesburg, Miss., for a baseball game involving my employer at the time, Delgado Community College. I got the naked tenders and a salad, because I was really into eating healthy. Yes, you would not believe, but from the time I got out of the hospital in December 2004 after my bout with pneumonia and a collapsed lung through August 2006, I really ate healthy. I was big on salads, grilled chicken and fish, and I loathed fast food. But one incident one day sent me into a deep, deep depression, and I hit the junk food hard. Hint: these people were mentioned in an earlier post n this blog.

I don’t think I can avoid wings today.

About David

Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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