Johnny on the spot

John Stallworth saved my bacon last night.

I was about to get beat in Countdown by a first-time player, a person whose screen name was RED. She was playing with her significant other in a booth in the dining room, while I was on the bar side–again–sitting alone. I fell behind after the 13th question, and we both got 1,000 on the 14th question.

The last question asked about John Stallworth and his achievements in a given sporting event. I figured RED would know this, too, and I would lose, albeit by a mere 88 points.

Lucky for me, RED nor the other player in the game, JEFE, knew who John Stallworth was until it was too late.

In case you don’t know, Stallworth was a Hall of Fame receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ dynasty of the 1970s. He was drafted in the fourth round in 1974 out of Alabama A&M, a historically black college near Huntsville. Stallworth’s most important catch came in the fourth quater of Super Bowl XIV, when he caught a 73-yard touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw which finally allowed the Steelers to shake the pesky Rams and allow Pittsburgh to win its fourth title in six years.

Stallworth played 14 seasons, and when he retired following the 1987 campaign, he held every Steelers receiving record. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

I was pushed in the Topix game at 6:30 by a new player, but I came out on top by a small margin. Other than that, it wasn’t much of a challenge, and I happened to break the 40,000 barrier in Spotlight, the hour-long entertainment game on Fridays at 7 p.m.

Tonight’s 7 p.m. fare is Playback, all about music. I’ve usually done alright there, but there are times when it gets me. Tonight’s featured performer is Santana, meaning all questions in the last two rounds will be about Carlos.

If RONDO shows up today at Buffalo Wild Wings, I’ll stop playing until he leaves, or just play poker. I’ve played so much since Monday I could use a break. And I’m going to play again tomorrow and Monday for certain.

Once again, some football fans were up in arms that their team’s exhibition game was not being televised. Last night, it was a couple who wanted to watch their Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Jaguars in Jacksonville. I know for a fact the Cardinals’ game vs. Houston will not be on, so I will not ask. Baseball and whatever is on NFL Network will do fine thank you. Besides, there’s some good baseball tonight, especially Dodgers-Brewers and Giants-Royals at 6.

I moved to the bar area last night when I saw the server rotation at my usual table. I figured I would give my business to another one of my favorite ladies, Brittany Davidson. Lisa had already told me she was off until the following Wednesday, and for some reason, Liz wasn’t working, which is unusual for a Friday. Liz’s mom, Nadine, was there, and she helped me get the table I wanted to sit in Brittany’s section. Brittany is a real sweetheart. I wonder who will be taking care of my table today. Then again, I can always move.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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