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I said I was going to post more often after my long hiatus. So much for that. Maybe I’ll turn over a new leaf now that the calendar has flipped to October.

Ah, October. New fiscal year for the United States. Pink everywhere because it’s breast cancer awareness month. It seems like so many people I know have their birthdays in October. My birthday is also in October. My theory: people like to stay inside in January because it’s so cold, and there’s only so much television a couple can watch before the natural urges kick in. Let me leave it at that.

I actually had a decent September after the hell that was August, especially the first half. Save for a rant against my parents for not wanting to get DirecTV at the house so I can watch NFL Sunday Ticket, no major blowups. Certainly none at work. Even though I haven’t been to a single event, I haven’t missed it one bit. In fact, I’m enjoying the time at the house.

This is an “open” Thursday, as I’ve established a routine of therapy in Hays with Crista every other Thursday. Last week, the batteries on my voice recorder suddenly died, but fortunately, I had my phone, which has a recorder app. I’m recording my sessions with Crista, and during October, I’m going to start transcribing them.

I’m going to Hays anyway today, because I promised Peggy Cox I would see Norton play volleyball at Hays High this afternoon. The Bluejays are probably going to have big trouble with Hays, Abilene and Salina South, but I want to see Peggy and Caitlyn, because I haven’t seen them since July 8, when I had lunch with Peggy, Caitlyn and Raegan Vanderplas.

I am feeling nauseous for some reason. I think it’s my medication. Dr. Custer told me two weeks ago it can be a side effect of what I’m taking, mostly two medications for diabetes, Metformin and Farxiga. It’s not going to keep me from Hays today.

Speaking of which, I’ll be leaving in a few minutes. I have to make one quick stop in Hays before going to the high school for the volleyball matches.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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