Feeling ponderous

Once I got up and around, Wednesday turned out to be pretty good.

The car service was routine, although the technician told me I would need new tires by the end of this year. I told him I would probably be back in September or October. I’m thinking no later than October 10.

I thought about making a diversion before going to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I ended up instead going straight there, arriving just before 2. Good decision. Got to spend the early part of the day talking with a lot of the staff I know, since it was pretty quiet in there. In fact, it got so quiet that by 4 p.m., I was the only person sitting in the dining area. There were a few more people on the bar side. It picked up later, but there was never a time where people had to wait. I expected it to be quiet today because (a) there were no World Cup matches played; today was an off day and (b) the Royals played at noon in Minnesota. The sports fare tonight was pretty weak, because there were three other Major League games (Brewers-Blue Jays, Reds-Padres, Indians-Dodgers) which were played in the afternoon.

Liz had the day off, but a few of my other favorites were there. One in particular, Brittany, really likes me. She hugs me every time she sees me, which I really appreciate. Made my day today.

The food tonight was awesome. I had two of Buffalo Wild Wings’ new menu items, the marghertia flatbread and the chicken street tacos, which have southwest ranch, pico de gallo and cilantro. I ordered my tacos tonight with extra cilantro. Caleb Nichol, the cantankerous father of Kirsten Cohen on The O.C., hated cilantro.

Alan Dale, who portrayed Caleb, is a tremendous actor. He really did a great job with the character for two seasons. He and the actress who played Kirsten, Kelly Rowan, are not from the United States. Dale is from New Zealand, and Rowan is from Ottawa. The third foreigner in the cast was Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper), who is a native Brit.

Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen) and Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood) are from New York City and Austin, respectively. The only member of The O.C. cast who grew up in the Los Angeles area was Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper), who is from Dana Point. Rachel Bilson, who portrayed the iconic Summer Roberts, is from San Diego.

Coincidentally, the actress who plays Peter Gallagher’s wife on his current show, Covert Affairs, is also a Canadian. Kari Matchett is a proud native of Saskatchewan.

Enough about The O.C.  At least for this post, anyway.

I was challenged a few times playing Buzztime today, but nothing really serious until the very last game. I was behind for only one question TOTAL in nine rounds of Countdown, the 15-question general trivia game which is played in 30-minute blocks. I didn’t have a spectacular score, but quite a few over 11,000 and 12,000, still pretty darn good.

I was waiting for 7 p.m., because that’s when one of my favorite Buzztime games, Six, was played. Six refers to the number of categories: science, geography, TV/movies, arts/music, history and sports/games.  I was challenged by ENICK, a regular who had a pretty high Countdown score Saturday night after I left for the hotel, but tonight, it wasn’t close. I ended up with over 54,000, which is my fourth best score all-time for Six, and third in the past 12 months at Buffalo Wild Wings Zona Rosa. My highest Six score of all-time, 62,384, was posted at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Derby, which is south of Wichita, last September. It ended up being #2 in the nation that evening. One of the ladies playing against me was amazed and told me so.

The only game I ended up not winning is Lexitopia, which is played Wednesdays at 8:15. It’s 10 questions about esoteric words. Nobody will know I didn’t win, because the person who beat me is not registered with the Buzztime website, meaning his score only counts in his mind and on the leaderboard for the location only. Nobody else looking, including RONDO, will know I didn’t win unless they read my blog.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Kansas City, at least for this time. I’m heading back to Russell on Friday to eat Fourth of July lunch with my parents at the home. I’ve really enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings and all the people there, but I can’t wait to get home and eat my mother’s cooking and good sandwiches. I’m smuggling at least four loaves of the sourdough bread from the Kansas City Bread Company back to the west, because it’s the best bread I”ve ever had. I can eat regular wheat okay, but I really prefer sourd0ough and rye.

I just realized I have to find a Buffalo Wild Wings Monday. Since I got the national high score on Buzztime’s The Pulse Monday, my achievement will be displayed following the first question next Monday.

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Louisiana native living in Kansas. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, addictions to The Brady Bunch, most sports, food and trivia games.

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